The UGLIEST Sneakers of All Time (GIVEAWAY!)

The UGLIEST Sneakers of All Time (GIVEAWAY!)

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  1. jose is bae

  2. Spot on Jose! In my opinion, all yeezy’s are just plain ugly. Don’t fool yourselves guys, grow up.

  3. jose show an OOTD in your videos!

  4. SSS's are so lit

  5. Retail is $220 on the semi frozens they resell for like 700 now


    257 dudes got no class

  7. Saw thumbnail and disliked your video, yeezy are baller

  8. Does anyone know what hoodie he was wearing I want to get one it looks nice

  9. I like pretty much every colorway of the uptemoo

  10. The vapormax are fire

  11. Not gonna lie I hated the semi frozen yellow yeezys at first but now I like them

  12. Fix up yeezy frozen yellow and Nike sup tempo that's not retail what you say that's just a retarded resell price

  13. The Mysterious Man

    Yo pass the yeezys

  14. What brand is that sweatshirt?

  15. Fredi Dharmawan

    I am surprise knowing Vapormax is on the list. I think it’s such a breakthrough and cool shoes

  16. Almost at 2M ! So proud of you ❤️

  17. Brandon Martinez

    If you want good shoes just get a pair of Chelsea boots and your good.

  18. Fr ugle ass bois

  19. Jose the type of Zuniga to use his The Fifth sponsorship money to buy a Rolex

  20. gildo rodriguez

    these things are so ugly

  21. 900 retail for yeezys sounds about right

  22. The ugly yeezys retail for $220, not $700

  23. Vincero or mvmt watches plz reply I am getting a watch for my birthday

  24. i like how he said personaly i like thE vepors but all the ppl hate them and then then he says he doesnt like the supremes but ppl love them NIGGA?????

  25. They dont retail for that they resell for that dumby

  26. Logan Cavanaugh

    When not sponsored by them, Jose doesn't wear rg&b or mvmt or the 5th or vincero

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