THE ULTIMATE “DAD” SHOES (Balenciaga Triple S Grey Sneakers Review)

THE ULTIMATE “DAD” SHOES (Balenciaga Triple S Grey Sneakers Review)

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  1. damn those look crazy weird too big for my taste.  great vid like always

  2. the triple s is so flippin’ nice man

  3. Fuckin nastiest shoe of 2017

  4. pls do a video of how you would style theseee

  5. You clearly don't/can't like these shoes though

  6. Donatella Versace'

    This my size.

  7. I'm not sold on these, I like the idea of them but practically they seem restricted for such an investment.

    You can't go above a 42 and be under 5'9 and only a select pair of trousers can follow.

    Too much rules for such a pricey investment.
    The runners are more versatile imo.

  8. These the type of shoes for ppl with daddy issues

  9. Look like m'y dad sport shoes

  10. The Fashion Archive

    Grandpa Sneakers

  11. tf is wrong with you all

  12. Balenciaga is bombing like crazy…

  13. what the fuck is that in your ear lmao

  14. Observations/Q's

    -You once said you'd prefer Nike or Adidas with sneakers instead of "designer" kicks, did you change your mind or do you view these as a type of platform type of shoe?

    -They are ugly as fuck

    -Can we get a standing shot if you're gonna show how you rock them? I feel like just showing the bottom of the flared trousers and the shoes is kinda pointless. I'm guessing you had a looser shirt.

    -Shoutout JDubs Anderson the Get Rekt crew repping heavy

    -The Suit jacket/Reiss section of the rack been getting smaller and smaller every few weeks LMAO(mans shearling is taking over)

    -Would love a closet organization tour, find it hard to fit stuff in limited spaces.

  15. The on feet at around 3:15 reminded me so much of Brad Hall

  16. I'm sure there's someone that can wear skinnier and crush that look so…

  17. Frederick Bingley

    You might as well have went full hypebeast for these ugly ass sneaks and got the Ozweegos. By ugly i mean… "different." I look forward to you making them look less ugly (i have faith).

  18. snagged em early with the swiftness I see you sang , I gotta get my hands on a pair eventually balenciaga been playing with my emotions for the past couple of season i gotta come correct and stop playing myself haha

  19. Ppl say these ugly but like the new yeezy 700?????

  20. I think wearing wide trousers with them make them look more like a dad type of fit
    Skinny jeans could go with them but I really depends on how skinny you're and what size you wear

  21. sang's style is getting more and more pretentious each video…

  22. Balenciaga X Brad Hall collab.
    Hotter than Virgil X Nike

  23. I always liked "Dad" shoes, and I love how beautifully ugly these are

  24. i was going say these shoes are ugly, but someone beat me to it.

  25. Damn these are the shoes of the year, just beautiful

  26. Ugly…ugly!

  27. I vibe with these but mostly the shape is what i find interesting

  28. I actually really like these

  29. theyre sick af idc what anyone else says

  30. I think they look so fucking nice

  31. i personally love them.

  32. Yo sang! Love ur videos and would love if you also showed the whole outfit when you are showing shoes like in this video!!

  33. Just like anything from the 'new' Balenciaga, I can't stand them

  34. styling vid is a must

  35. Where is that hat from??

  36. Sang where's that beanie from?

  37. Skinny pants look great with these shoes…

  38. So many mixed feelings about this shoe. When I saw them in the show I was in love, to me it's as if Demna took the Ozweego and exaggerated everything even more. The issue is now that because of the hype so many people are going to have them, almost like the sock runner 2.0. I feel like the ugly trainer trend has definitely exploded this season and these may be the end of it? Who knows, aesthetically a sick shoe nonetheless.

  39. These are a hard, no brainer pass. Ugly as fck my guy.

  40. beautifullll, cryingggggggggggggggg so much pretty

  41. Some ugly shoes. Also seems like a hypebeast buy, which, if that's true…. Gotta stop flaming the hypebeasts on Rekt then.

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