The World’s Best Soccer Defender Reveals His Crazy Sneaker Plugs

The World’s Best Soccer Defender Reveals His Crazy Sneaker Plugs


  1. Boateng is a super dope dude

  2. ge aint the best tho

  3. "awhhh… dash gud queshtun."

  4. Makabongwe Mthiyane

    I'm surprised Boateng is walking, after what Messi did to his ankles

  5. shaquille sheppard

    Five time bundesliga champion ridiculous absolutely incredible.

  6. nigga so chill

  7. Ramos scores alot but defends poor sometimes madrid conceeded alot of goals last season.

  8. Go with ronaldo !!!!!

  9. shut the fuck up .
    1 it's not soccer
    2. boateng isn't ramos fix the title to messi bitch

  10. marwan alblooshi

    best defender in the world, did Ramos and varane perhaps retired or died ?

  11. Felipe Castilho

    Boateng is far away from being the best. Rafael Vaz is the best in the world, Bayern should contract him

  12. Adesina Adeniran

    Kys for saying he's the world best defender cause he's really not smh

  13. have you seen what messi did to this guy I'm sure he bit the best lmao

  14. Messi destroyed him

  15. Claudio Domingos Alves

    the best?! not at all

  16. God Dam Drake is everywhere

  17. youngboy gambino

    Deutsche am start?

  18. Confused Black kid that has it all figured out

    not the best but one of the best

  19. he doesn't even know what JB just gave him smh I'd be freaking out lol

  20. Orly Espinal Jr

    once i saw the title i knew it was boateng

  21. Collins Odhiambo

    best defender..really..smmh americans you mad…watch what messi did to him he aint shit!!

  22. he's 6'4

  23. Fuck MLS

  24. Where's Ramos at?

  25. Sergio Ramos is better

  26. ClutchPrince 31

    I didn't know that Complex was about the football community.

  27. Ferrari Maybach

    Sergio Ramos is the best defender. But he's a beast too.

  28. soccer? what is that? u mean football?

  29. Must not of heard of Ramos….

  30. Fuck you, buck thooth no good muthafucka. How dare you bring up that game. Voce precisa more. Viado. Voce uma putina.

  31. Messi says Hey

  32. Geovani Sanchez

    This isnt Sergio Ramos?? CLICKBAIT

  33. How's his ankles feeling

  34. Brayan Bautista

    Actually koeman is

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