Tod’s Casual Men’s Sneaker unboxing! Mole Grey Lace up sneaker

Tod’s Casual Men’s Sneaker unboxing! Mole Grey Lace up sneaker

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  1. Bigmizzy74 Bigmizzy74

    I hate the yellow tissue paper. the little nobs under the sole the tips turned yellow from the paper dye. I got a small mark on my dsquared also from black paper

  2. chuckbassification

    I agree! I have the brown suede versions also (Pics on my instagram!) and they are a really hard wearing suede. Thanks for watching and commenting! I have more tod's videos on my channel!

  3. mukasaarnold arnold

    good sneakers hv the same though i bought them a while bk and there black suede …really comfortable and never look bad even though there gettin old still a catch

  4. chuckbassification

    Thank you! They are a little different, but very easy to wear and and very comfortable! Not usually what I would have gone for, but have worn them a lot since and they make a nice change from the usual loafer or boat shoe!! Thanks for the comment!

  5. Lovely! I'd wear them! 🙂

  6. chuckbassification

    In with the first comment! Just to say, this was exported directly from iMovie and I'm not very happy with the quality! 🙁 I selected it to be viewable on mobile devices, as I wanted as many people to see it as possible, but the quality in my browser is far from expected! I think I shall reupload!

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