Top 10 Best Selling Shoes Of 2017

Top 10 Best Selling Shoes Of 2017

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  1. What about Jordan 12 ovos

  2. i really like the addidas

  3. Everyone of them are either Jordan's or adidas

  4. Bullshit. Everyone knows about these sneakers. I wanted head about the new top shoes, but I didn’t.

  5. Adidas Pronounced: Addi-das

  6. Motherfucker only adidas and air jordon

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  8. Huaraches , nike air max 2017?!?

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    I’m sorry but these adidas shoes look ass to me besides the Yeezys

  10. Hector Alonso Perez

    You should dedicated other thing

  11. Hector Alonso Perez

    This is vídeo more bad that i've se en

  12. Awesome

  13. Jonathan Theart

    Supra Skytop V is real best seeling shows of 2017.


  15. gold shoes light up shoes

  16. none i prefer gold

  17. i have everything except the triple white nmd and ultra boost, and the moon rock 350s. if you have a pair of moonrocks size 10 let me know

  18. Im gonna get a lot of hate for this but im just gonna say it NMD ARE UGLY

  19. 2017 not 2016 fucking asshole

  20. Selling like a god church

  21. fuck Jordan's

  22. Don't hate me but yeezes ar ugly af

  23. what about Stan smiths, vans old skool and nike huaraches?



  25. Gregory Fakorede

    I love yeezys

  26. BullmasterGardian

    Shoe Game Vol. 1 (11pair)     New video just up introducing you to my new Amazing shoes, Mind Blowing color ways!

  27. Where is nike

  28. Beauty & Fashion

    Nice video. If anybody want to get branded shoes visit to

  29. Adidas alpha bounce gang✌✌✌

  30. It's nice to think expensive shoes r best sellers but if this was truly an accurate list it would have, vans, converse, etc.

  31. I thought alphabounce would be there

  32. Where's nike vapormax

  33. 2 dollar goldstar are best in india

  34. Ass hole stop talking and show the shoes

  35. Ass hole stop talking and show the shoes

  36. honestly wtf are they??? the shittist shoes iv ever seen. I think you American need better style.

  37. All of them are ugly I got a 450 pair of jordans


    NIKE FS lite run 4 + UNDER ARMOUR speedform apollo 2 are my favorite

  39. Everyone likes black on white no one likes white on black?

  40. Nice video man, but I'm going to give some constructive feedback here. The music somewhat drowned out your voice, I'd suggest having your voice be the star of the video. Second, I think that reading something straight off the little paragraph you wrote is kinda odd seeing as I can read it before you finish, therefore, no need to wait for you to finish reading. Other than that, the video was great! 😉

  41. Also sub to my channel plz

  42. is kill myself for a pair of 11 barons

  43. NMD is ugly

  44. WOLFPACK_ Attack1031

    I have all of them

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