1. My top 10:
    1: Zebra 350 v2
    2: silver bullet vapormax 97
    3: grape 5s
    4: static 350 v2
    5: seoul 97s
    6: gold air max plus
    7: frozen yellow 350 v2
    8: Italy camo 97
    9: be true 90s
    10: blue Gatorade 1s

  2. I only have 3 pairs of shoes so……

  3. Dont even have enough sneakers to do a top 10

    10 Don't have more 🙁
    9 Don't have more 🙁
    8 Don't have more 🙁
    7 Completly beat Gucci Snakes
    6 Bape Dame 4 (Green)
    5 Yeezy 500 Utillity black
    4 Air force 1 (black & White mix)
    3 Converse x CDG Play (White)
    2 Yeezy 350 v2 Oreo
    1 Yeezy 350 v2 Breds

  4. I dont even own 10 pairs of sneakers

  5. My top 10 are not in my collection, too expensive to get em

  6. "OG OFF WHITE PRESTO" They've been out for like two years. I'm dead….

  7. Brennan Witterstaetter

    Seth: I designed these Sneakers

  8. Stephen Ryan Garana

    Hit LIKE if you knew who Big Boy Cheng is. I'm a Filipino and we here in the Philippines are too hospitable to the point we can be so generous to foreign people. Thanks for coming here in the Philippines bro that collab with Big Boy and Sir Carlo is dope.

  9. Has he always been this handsome?

  10. Just made a show reel if the Ultraboost 19 Linen! i also blacked out the heel highlight so they look dope!

  11. 10) vans old school/ era black
    9) yeey 350 v2 glow
    8) yeesy 700
    7) nike sb supreme airforce 1 teal
    6) nike air max 1 og
    5) nike off white presto
    4) nike off white zoom fly
    3) nike airmax 97/1 sw
    2) nike supreme cdg air force 1
    1) nike airmax 97 undefeated black

  12. Them peanut joints ugly as fuck bruh

  13. Hey Seth I am a really big fan of the brand NICCE and they dropped a sneaker silluetthe the nicce runner I think and I Dont know if it's worth buying I would really appreciate if you could rewiew this sneaker

  14. Is it just me, but does he sound like sethbling

  15. Top 10 in my collection 1. Off white black AM90 2. Spiderman Jordan 1 3. Infared 6's 4. Yeezy Lundmark 350 5. Bred 4's 6. Air Max Zero Oreo 7. Crimson Tint Jordan 1 8. Bred NMD 9. Lebron 16 watch the throne 10. New Balance 990 Yellow/Grey

  16. Do a if I designed an off white nike hurache

  17. Yo Seth do you still own your Track Trainers of Balenciaga?

  18. wow seth no union didnt you propose in them

  19. My favourite from your list are the j5 tokyo, j1 breds and j1 of chicago.

  20. Your number 6 aunt pearl.. I'm sorry for your loss. Also lost my mom to cancer and love the shoe .

  21. Did you keep the adapt BB??

  22. I really don't see what is nice about the off-white presto. I think it is one of the ugliest shoes out there.

  23. 1. Missoni Multicolor Ultraboosts
    2. Nike Gyakusou Pegasus 35 Turbo Fir green
    3. AlphaEdge 4D Aero Green
    4. AKOG Ultraboosts
    5. Undercover Daybreak Black/White
    6. Parley Clima Ultraboosts
    7. Converse Golf Le Fleur Burlap 70s hi
    8. NMD CS2 Ronin
    9. GOT Night's Watch Ultraboost
    10. Epic React 2 Teal Tint

    Nothing super hyped but all shoes I love the look of

  24. Zachary McIntosh

    Mj isn’t from Chicago but ok

  25. That supreme shoe is honestly the most ugly thing that I have ever seen in my entire life. Sorry Seth, I love your videos.

  26. 700 are the ugliest shoes on the market….they are cool. for you only coz they are expensive… taste-less f….

  27. Nice vid

  28. MJ is not from Chicago
    Born in Brooklyn
    Raised in Willmington NC

  29. I dont even have 10 sneakers

  30. Incredible count: 562936440

  31. Gboy Almazan III

    Please do a sneaker collection tour!

  32. Kasper Andersson

    The sup lunars are not fresh please

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