Top 10 Most Expensive Sneakers In The World

Top 10 Most Expensive Sneakers In The World


  1. Hey Aluxers, are you sneakerheads? What's your favorite pair of sneakers?
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    15 Things About ADIDAS:

  2. Mahmoud Abdelfattah

    Honestly alux besides that the channel has nonsense sometimes, but you truly inspired me

  3. The air Yeezy 2s red October's are not that much

  4. the prices are jist apsolutely wrong

  5. munawar hussain

    the most expensive ones are the ugliest ones

  6. Where is Nick Kannon's 2 million doller shoe?

  7. Eddie Ellsmore

    Video starts at 1:30

    Thank me later

  8. This absolutely terrible..

  9. Big Boi is a big guy? Lol whats he like 5'6"..

  10. Marmite Is shit

    Half of these "facts" aren't even true I could get a pare of ovo 12s for 220 and red octobers for way way way way way way way less

  11. Alux: there was said to be a shoe that sold for 2.2 million but we cant confirm it
    also Alux: ThE ReD oCtObErS sOlD fOr 17 mIlLiOn oN EbAy

  12. For expensive shoes, these sure are ugly looking…

  13. Kenyan Martin gave my son his shoes at as nuggets game about 10 years ago! It's cool when the pros do that!

  14. budi witjaksono

    the number one (air yezzy 2 )=$5000 not 17,000,000

  15. DMorr274 - Fortnite & GD

    Bullshit the red October’s can be bought in goat for 5k

  16. Shaquiffa The one and only

    This is wrong red October’s go for like 3k

  17. Adidas yeezy 350
    Gucci aca flame

  18. Cr7 loafers worth 350 US dollars

  19. #1 stupid

  20. Hello my best pair of shoes was NIKE Lebron Zoom

  21. Kyrie 3

  22. Is Swoosh not swish

  23. shut the fuck up and get to the list

  24. spandan Banerjee

    The most valuable sneakers I have owned was the adidas yeezy boost 350

  25. air max 97 is the most expensive shoe I have

  26. My best pair is a pair of j 7s 210

  27. ive got two expensiver sneaker
    the human race oreo
    and the yeezy v1 black pirate

  28. What's up with saying "this is the place where future billionaires come to get inspired"? I bet you, not one person who has watched your video's, will become a billionaire.

  29. no adidas

  30. Buy Ferragamo or Bally sneakers. They’ll last forever and Italian made

  31. I thought the nike air mags was 12,000 dollars not 200,000

  32. wtf 6? OVO 12s are just 1K not 70K

  33. Shoe logic:original shoes worth 400$ made in China. Copy original shoes made in China 40$

  34. its just shoes!

  35. I own the Jordan 4 Eminem blue cooler way

  36. felipe dandrea

    Sao paulo liberdade!!

  37. Santiago Pascoe


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