Top 10 Most Stylish Water Proof Shoes/ Stylish Water Proof Men’s Shoes And Boots

Top 10 Most Stylish Water Proof Shoes/ Stylish Water Proof Men’s Shoes And Boots

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  1. Nathaniel Worthy

    Great video Jeff.. Salute Jeff Great job

  2. jeannine morgan

    Lol bro great job. As always you do it again. Good topic

  3. I love those Pumas.

  4. thejonesexperience

    Damn Jeff, windowpane with the purple knit..I need access to your closet brotha,Asap..

  5. LeVar Freeman

    Puma a must
    Chelsea boot yup
    Rock port hot!!
    Vans Skate definately my fab
    Ugg are must have
    The wingtip
    Cole haan a fav
    Converse classic
    The Wellington is a shocker

  6. Two dislikes? Two people actually prefer walking bare feet. Great video as always boss!

  7. Love those Chunk Taylor’s and the Pumas!!!

  8. BLACKest Knight

    YES!! The FORM is back with another smash-hit DFP (Daily-Fashion-Pill). Glad you brought back the background music, bro. SALUUUUTE!!

  9. Arthur Schopenhauer

    I hear you. You haven't given me your opinion of Lupe Fiasco. I respect your perspective, that's why I asked

  10. Dirty D RODNEY

    Can you do video for the most comfortable shoes for same categories

  11. Do you have a link for The Hunter Original Dense Sole?

  12. Really surprised by the suggestion of Uggs. Recently purchased and tested, they' re killin' it. Another great video Jeff

  13. Beautiful selection brother. Superb video. You deserve more subscribers in my opinion.

  14. Frederick Calabrese

    That's the only good looking Ugg I have ever seen!

  15. Can confirm the functionality of those Rockport chukkas! I got the black version of those about 2 years ago for £70 and despite the basic glued construction, they've survived everything British weather and the miles I've walked have thrown at them. Always my go-to in the elements!

  16. Arthur Schopenhauer

    Brutha G how do you feel about Creed Royal Oud

  17. What cut is your suit? We have a similar body and I'm looking to get one, It looks like a British cut to me, Great moves Jeff keep it up.

    – Adam

  18. Jeff,
    Love the channel. Love what your doing. Keep it up.

  19. Necessary video today. I just purchased a pair of Ugg’s myself. You put up some nice kicks today. Salute.

  20. Bro those Vans MTE are amazing I've had mine for a good 2 years in a honey color with the timberland laces.
    They last so long and I still love them till this day
    Great video !

  21. Oli Freakin Davis

    I got a #JackvsMartha ad before this video

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