Top 10 Sneakers for Fall/Winter 2019 | Must Have Shoes for Men!

Top 10 Sneakers for Fall/Winter 2019 | Must Have Shoes for Men!

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  1. What are some of your go to sneakers for the upcoming season?
    Overshirt is from Alex Costa x BP!

  2. I love chukka boots, anyone else? Haha

  3. Totally disagree from your sneaker taste

  4. nobull runners = ultraboost uncaged bootleg

  5. The thing is that these are not classic, they will be outdated in about a year

  6. nobull sponsored post

  7. I just copped the nite jogger

  8. i am european size 49 and its SUPER hard to find shoes, and i found some ones that actually fit, and two days later i see them mentioned in ur video, AWESOME!!! I dont know shit bout shoes but they were the number 5

  9. I would like to hear more about the construction of Alex Costa's footwear and his target market. He looks to be targeting the lower end

  10. ok i dont understand the "90's" trend for shoes, they dont look to good imo

  11. Should have a look at allbirds

  12. Personally, I strongly disagree with everything but the boots.

  13. Inappropriate Content

    A boot video!

  14. Inappropriate Content

    Joe hit his sneaker head phase late in life lol, don’t worry joe, it’ll pass soon enough

  15. Joe, love and respect from India

  16. Oye! you missed ankari floruss mate!

  17. rino novak pantelić

    Bro i love your necklace, where could i get a similar one?

  18. DO NOT GET AIR MAX OR VAPORMAX! Once that air pops from either too much pressure or someone decides to be a dick and sticks a pin in there, the shoe is completely worthless and forces you to buy a new pair. Not a smart investment

  19. I can see Alex Costa impact on your video editing and behaving

  20. This is what L.A does to U

  21. I gotta have a pair of the Areni 1's I'll pass on the Yeezy's.

  22. No bull looks like an ultra boost rip off…….

  23. Gotta love it when Joe uploads

  24. Nike React 270 Pop Art.

  25. ttvstreamerbtw ZR

    No yeezy 350 wow

  26. When will ur cringe video ep.3 come out….

  27. YOOO wtf are those "nobull" shoes hahaha they're just dollar store Adidas. disgusting lol

  28. Where is that necklace from?

  29. You look lifeless in the thumbnail, too much photoshopping.

  30. I got some Stephen Curry's, they look sick but dang, the ventilation is basically non-existenant. Kind of embarrassing at times, What would you say are the best well-ventilated sneakers?

  31. Masculine Street Style

    A sneak peak into fall sneakers by our hair expert!
    Luv ur work man.

  32. Top 10 things to do;
    1) Punch in the face of that Idiot Kanye for that horrendous design.
    2) Kick his ass.
    3) Repeat the mentioned all the way to #10!
    Kanye, You're Stupid!

  33. Not to be rude but your meraki shoes are basic af

  34. Hey Joe I like your videos and when I had the top fan badge in 2018 and thank u for taking my comment seriously for making videos on style and shoes…

  35. Our fashionista at our service!!

  36. Nice Vid bro. Love from India

  37. To be honest Nobull just looks like off brand uncaged ultra boost

  38. Please make a video on looking fresh i walk out the door looking fresh but after several hours freshness started to fade away

  39. Aditya Akash anand

    Who thinks that blumaan legs looks like chicken legs but still stylish?

  40. guitar taber vansh

    Make video on Zayn's long hair please

  41. How bout some more fragrances hmmmm? Hehe

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