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  1. I have been searching for that no.8 Adidas like for a very long time…sad thing is its not shipped over here.

  2. so if i wear 41 i should buy 42 ???

  3. the pure money 4s are ruined for me because of how many fucking pairs were mass produced, ive seen so many nasty ass kids wearing them and now i just think they are trash

  4. Šimun Zuparic


  5. Only like 3 Kicks out of all these were sick the rest are wack tbh

  6. SirRubberDucky

    Air max 180 review

  7. Nike sponsored? Only 3 other brands

  8. Song by Rae Sremmurd at #2 plz?

  9. Im glad there wasnt any Nike shoe…

  10. Nike huraches

  11. vid should be titled “some random cool nikes good for any season btw vans r cool”

  12. Where the air max 95s at

  13. Air Jordan

  14. Walking talking Advertisement

    What kind of underwear for today We all need to know

    Nike i bet

  15. its your boy MC Hammer

    He uses the F word to prove hes not being paid to sell shoes,

    All free shoes for this pitchman

  16. AirMax Cdgs are wack, pink doesn’t even look good on Morenos

  17. Do black people ever wear Adidas?

  18. Brandon Meribe

    What's better all black vm plus or 97s all black

  19. Susana Prasodjo

    If u rlly like those 98’s, look up the air max 97 pull tab obsidian, great alternative to those 98’s without that 300 dollars price

  20. nigga i bought the shadows 1s a few days ago for 166

  21. If you have to go true to size with the 97 wear them 24/7 for a week and you’ll be alright that’s what I did

  22. Yo this guy reminds me of Jaden Hall on YouTube lol


    Idk if it’s just me or if Nike air more money and more uptempo are sellin a lot that’s y I’m glad I bout so many of both

  24. Musty feet gang

  25. matter max9000

    I think $150 is too much for a pair of shoes, I will rather go to a website called soondous and get a very good deal under $100

  26. Spencer Elayer

    What slides were you holding?

  27. Why are all your suggestions air max? It’s kind of annoying. Also when you say you’re trying to suggest shoes that you think don’t cost that much, most of these shoes you’re suggesting are still 150+ dollars. Which is pretty expensive in my opinion.

  28. I have these jordan airs 16:00

  29. AF1 all white is lit

  30. Song at #9????

  31. Havent watched the video yet but bet you that there is going to be some pink airmax 180’s nmd’s some airforce 1 and the air vapormax plus apl black cw

  32. Herobrine Master

    666k subs

  33. Who is the Deerupt Runner?

  34. been on that 270 movement

  35. Outro song?

  36. Am I the only one that thinks the air max 97s are ugly as hell

  37. What do you think of the epic react

  38. Jordan 3?

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