Top 10 Spring 2019 Sneakers Under $100

Top 10 Spring 2019 Sneakers Under $100

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  1. Videos like these remind me why you’re the OG. Good information on some retro styles. Especially because I wasn’t around for the 80s, haha

  2. Wow OG, I didn't know Keds were still around. Along with Chucks, they were the top kick in '74.
    Thank you sir.

  3. Great vid. Where's the jacket your wearing from please?

  4. Love those Adidas Campus, Keds and Asics Onitsuka Tigers Salute !

  5. Would love to see some 'a' yer break dance moves, Mr. Style OG………Salute!

  6. LOL damn Adidas and Cortez took me back to 1990

  7. Nice video O.G. I like the Asics. Salute O.G.!

  8. I copped them Adidas Continental up in Detroit very comfortable sneaker

  9. Broderick Rogers

    Going to have to pick a couple of these O.G. Salute!

  10. Woooow wow the blue suede pair I used to have those when I was in high school brought back so many memories man.thsnx famma..

  11. The Adidas Campus is my favorite, haven't been able to find them or the Sambas.

  12. Adidas Gazelles…Continental 80's….

  13. Orlando Santiago

    Ohhh , That Pro-Keds ❤️❤️❤️ great video !

  14. Those all white republick fireeeeee

  15. Jeff, love the Adidas range featured I wore my navy campus until they fell apart !! The tiger range are superb the colourways and the style really make them pop. Regards from UK.

  16. I love my tiger 81s but can’t wear them too long, guess I’m getting old brah

  17. That was my first pay Adidas the suede beautiful I have them and blue 1985 breakdancing

  18. Hello

  19. Awesome videos

  20. Very nice sneaker selection

  21. I need to add some of the sneakers to my collection. Quick question what advice can u say about what color to wear during the spring?.(dark ,bright ,or mix)

  22. Tato vargas izaguirre

    The Asics are amazing the Onitsuka tiger are smooth….. Very casual and lot of colors

  23. Good video my man. All of these on point.

  24. Salute!!! Im kinda of shock that reebok didn't make the list…good list nonetheless

  25. Thanks for the shout out! You’re a true inspiration for my channel.

  26. Lacoste shirt's cost more then the sneaks lol

  27. Savvy Life Strategies

    Informative video, Jeff. Thanks for suggesting affordable sneakers.

  28. I was literally just looking this up

  29. Thanks for the video, found it quite helpful

  30. Ανάστασης Γουλας

    Hey jeff today i got new sneakers adidas stan smith triple white

  31. Sammy2018 G-Blessed

    Spring and fall best style seasons

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