Top 10 Types Of Shoes All Men Need/Top 10 Shoe Styles All Men Should Own

Top 10 Types Of Shoes All Men Need/Top 10 Shoe Styles All Men Should Own

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  1. Jonathan Piersaint

    What’s up OG,happy new year. Just wanted your opinion on something, ready to buy my first serious pair of shoes budget is $250 . I know you said the black dress shoe should be the first one purchased but since I work in a casual environment I wanted to go with the brown wing tips but I can be influenced? Do you have any suggestions on a few brands or specific shoe I should target. Love what you do

  2. Yo I think you should do a video about black men's grooming… style os pretty much across the board but grooming in terms of hair is very different, also if ot could be done for Caribbean men that would be great… our climate is different and most of the clothes are too hot for us temperature wise

  3. Yo… I've been searching YouTube for a black man who knows style. Good to see a brother repping… feels closer to home.. keep up the good work

  4. My DH owns a pair of oxfords/wingtips in a rich chestnut color, and I love them, especially paired w/navy slacks!

  5. I think u r right on

  6. U the man

  7. Although I have some good quality black oxfords I find them a bit boring. Really liking dress boots at the moment

  8. I have a great video idea pertaining to shoes. What are the next set of shoes, after you are well rounded and wanna take it to another level?
    (Colors, style and fashion) Thanks.

  9. Just a question. What about a dark brown oxford?

  10. OG you da best

  11. Hi Jeff, I agree with you but personally I will add in a whole cut oxford and a chelsea boot in my list.

  12. Salute OG. Nice vid

  13. Nathaniel Worthy

    I'm taking notes. Thanks for the info. Big ups to you my brother.

  14. jeannine morgan

    Yes yes yes. Very IMPORTANT. NOTHING like seeing a man WEARING a nice pair of shoes . Great list bro❤

  15. Already big homie!!

  16. Great list OG! Can't go without the Clarks Wallabees but that's just me though!

  17. You left out the Jordan 1's

  18. When you talk shoes, you're speaking my language OG. The list covered a great deal of scenarios. In fact, I saw a few that I need to add to my collection… salute!

  19. me
    dress shoes black
    canvas kicks
    work boots

  20. Isuru Nanayakkara

    Monkstraps love!

  21. Jimmy Edmonds, Jr

    Style OG great advice for your shoe arsenal must have for all seasons.

  22. Would you ever add western style cowboy boots to your collection?

  23. Nailed it again OG!

  24. Good list Jeff! I’m not gonna be able to do the Common Project shoes Playboy (said with the Jeff dip when trying to highlight a point). I’m not turning in over 4 bills for some simple white sneakers. 86 that! Saaalutte Jeff! (Almost injured my eye emulating your eye squeeze).

  25. This was cool.. U made me realize i have a lot of shoes…

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