Top 11 BACK TO SCHOOL Sneakers on a Budget (2019)

Top 11 BACK TO SCHOOL Sneakers on a Budget (2019)

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  1. Soos Shoots -


  2. The lone Assasin

    “ anybody with a little sneaker knowledge will respect you if you have these” as he holds up mids

  3. Adrian Rosales

    Hey Dre loved the vid man, especially the last bit at the end very inspiring. I have one question, I have the react element 55s in the gray/black and volt colorway and I was wondering if you could help me with ideas on how to style it. Much appreciated!

  4. Miguel Rodriguez

    What a great message at the end. It really connects to a serious situation in my life recently and it really got me thinking . Thank you really enjoy your videos hope you have a bless day and great life.

  5. Don’t buy Jordan 1 mids. You will not be respected. Buy highs.

  6. Jordan1 is a statement

  7. Embarrassing… just embarrassing


    Best list I've seen yet

  9. Man, you really look good. I love watching your videos.

  10. DH RANDOM SHIT 110

    I was about to sub to this dude until her said the bang promo

  11. Matthony Films

    WHEN converting to cad prices I cry Dre I cry

  12. Danny Villamizar

    try the nike pegasus turbo 2 its alot more comfortable than the ultraboost

  13. Great video man. Im an starting upcoming sneaker and fashion YT and i posted my back to school sneaker. Great video Drexler!

  14. love them jordans, yours individuals color theme sick, i got red ones

  15. Your camera is amazing

  16. Sebby Clemens

    Great video Dre! Love all the shoe stuff! Keep it up!

  17. RemyLexington

    Awesome shoes. I'm a shoe guy. Amazing video Dre. Love the speech at the end too

  18. Need more

  19. My Nike Air Max blows those shoes away. Like your blown up hair ha ha ha

  20. are you wearing the twenty one pilots shirt? God damn I want that so bad.

  21. Best backpacks!

  22. Bro I'm from India the price is almost double here plz take us also in consideration

  23. Dre. Drexler not really into sneakers but nice video

  24. For the first time theres no af1 wohooo

  25. Where's airforce 1

  26. Where's airforce 1

  27. Where's airforce 1

  28. Where's airforce 1

  29. Sagar Adhikari

    branded either choose or sportive is perectly enlightened with itsbranded items of logo lace with outfit without or with socks…

  30. What’s gonna be on the next episode dr Dre?

  31. What ever happened to classact crew?

  32. Dallin Robinson

    What sock brands do you recommend? Nike, Adidas, etc.

  33. I like that Nike x Collab with Stranger Things… Hopefully it will be release here in the Philippines

  34. Dre I have the same TØP shirt! I didn’t know you were a fan!

  35. Huyền Trương

    I'm VN people, but i very love video !

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