Top 25 Best Shoes To Wear in 2018 + New Sneaker Releases!

Top 25 Best Shoes To Wear in 2018 + New Sneaker Releases!

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  1. What do you think of the 574 Sport?

  2. The yeezy 500 is ugly

  3. Tenzin Wangyal

    Jordan 11 red are sitting in Paris for 110 Eurose

  4. Mirna Ramírez

    Diz nigka charmin asf nohomo i wish i looked liked dat gosh

  5. Septica Smecheru

    Does anyone by chance know what pants are those at 6:11???

  6. Dan Chinacanen

    Stan smith or superstar??

  7. الاخوان الدين يريدون اشتراء معطف بمواصفات مميزة واسستنائية بثمن زهيد

  8. I rlly want tubular shadows but I can't I hve no money lol

  9. Anjelica Dixon

    I love You!

  10. Hải Nguyễn

    ZO2?? reallyy???

  11. Keven Hernandez

    wats up dre! bro i wanted to know if i could get some advice from you bro cuzz i feel broken rn , long story short, my gf wants a break for this weekend, she wants to know if she feels happy without me, do you think the reason she is doing this is because of my actions or something i dont do right? ik your probably busy rn but if you can i surely do appreciate if you reply

  12. You know what you are handsome bro….

  13. Hey guys! Just posted a video where I surprised my childhood best friend who I hadn't seen for 5 yrs. I would really appreciate it if you check it out & subscribe! Thanks!

  14. Cultured Lifestyle

    Super dope channel bro! you should check my channel out sometime bro!

  15. Dre!!! You should try Cole Sprouse's hairstyle man, it's pretty dope! Give us a tutorial to see how you achieve it 😀

  16. Anthony Vizcarra

    Zo2 x DC

  17. Anthony Vizcarra

    Be like 96

  18. Anthony Vizcarra


  19. Dre what should we do about cowlicks?!

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