Top 5 BEST Running Shoes 2017 – Men & Women

Top 5 BEST Running Shoes 2017 – Men & Women

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  1. why does it say 2017 when it was made in 2016

  2. beast shoes under 60$ is Umbro Thurst make sure and buy them . personally i'm amazed by this shoes

  3. I just use the Energy Bounce 2.0's, what's your opinion?

  4. As far as I know, GEL-Kayano is for overpronators.

    Which other shoes would you advice for overpronators? Would Adidas Boost fit?

  5. misleading title

  6. Pegasus is where it's at

  7. Nike Lunar Skyelux are some great affordable shoes!

  8. useless vid

  9. Nice. I'm gonna get me a dog now.

  10. would you recommend me top 5 running shoes for flat feet or motion control? Thank you in advance

  11. I know this is for running shoes, but what are the best training shoes for this year? Love my Reebok Nano 6s, but looking for a new pair, either Reebok or UA

  12. Can you explain about nike free rn

  13. I currently use nike free rn flyknits! super comfy and great for longer runs

  14. Christoph Dirnbauer

    check out on-running from switzerland. those shoes are amazing and I love them!

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  16. check out my airmax 2017s review guys !

  17. no de acuerdo. nike under all of these?

  18. I'm looking for 100% speed shoes for like 50, 100 and 200 meters.

  19. where the hell are the adidas adios boost or adidas boston boost?

  20. Nike can't be existing in this video

  21. this why i dont usually search for shoe vids on youtube…

  22. Yeezy 750???

  23. I use the air max 95 ultra assential there great.

  24. I went on his link and most of the ultra boosts were around five hundred dollars, that's not a good price

  25. Too much Boost= stress fracture. Try to reduce from ultra boost and energy boost to better distance shoes such as sequence boost, very comfortable and supportive.

  26. This is 2016. Not 2017. Pls change your title

  27. Nikita Cordier

    Are you a neutral runner because you had the energy boost 3.0 and then the Kayano which is a stability shoe.

  28. Nike lunarglide 8?

  29. Asics gel shit all over these crap shoes!! adidas boost is shit and is not the best.

  30. why does it say 2017 in the title but is talking about 2016 smh

  31. Crystal Guimaraes

    Have you tried any of the new Altra running shoes that are connected? Thanks

  32. 80's kid 4ever

    Hoka One One Clifton 1 and (skip 2) ??? Try those and let us know what you think.

  33. PusdienlaikaŠovs

    I actually prefer basic shoes with a thinner sole. Cusions just don't feel right.

  34. Ultra boost is cool and good looking when it comes to everyday casual look though, they are too tight to wear in jogging or running.

  35. Running mechanics are garbage. Get off your heels, son!!!

  36. no hoka one one? Im disapointed

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