Top 5 Men’s Shoes For 2018

Top 5 Men’s Shoes For 2018

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  1. Nordstrom was out of the grey and blue NB in my size so I had to go with a different site, sorry Ashley. Also PFflyers were out in my size as well! Ugh. I did purchase the thermis via your link though 🙂 keep up the good work Ashley!

  2. It’s nice to get a woman’s perspective. Great vid!

  3. Love the 2018 update. Retro New Balance is a great choice, IMHO.

  4. Danny Isambard

    Great choices and brands 🙂
    This lady knows style.

  5. 5,no 4,no 3,no 2 yes get custom made two pairs ,one black ,the other wine brown . 1 , no . Bonus a pair of driving shoes .

  6. Donn Buchfinck

    So unless you have the perfect body for looking hip just forget about it.

  7. Hi Ashley – really great videos.. If it isn’t too much can you do dressing a tall/ short man.. Tall/ skinny or tall/ stocky – short or avg height/ skinny and stocky.. please!!

  8. Kevin Champion Baily

    Hey Ashley, I would love if you did a video on Hawwian shirts for summer.

  9. I have got 2 low top sneakers 1 from louis vuitton n another zara..

  10. Gorgeous!…the shoes I mean 😉

  11. Albert Fajarito

    over contrast

  12. What shoes are the ones from the thumbnail? They're gorgeous!

  13. I love wearing white canvas shoes, but their impossible to keep clean.

  14. HurlockVanguard

    Haven't you dissuaded people from suede chukkas in James Bond vid done with RMRS?

  15. So we should have boots, dress shoes and trainers. This is brilliant and groundbreaking material.

  16. I never could understand why I didn't like the way Chelsea Boots looked on me.You nailed it. Now I understand. Thank you!

  17. Assembled Style

    I can vouch for those new balances, I got a few pairs and they are super comfortable! they don't break the bank as well

  18. Mamta Bahuguna

    make video on teens

  19. Hi………ashley

    Tq for ur vedio… i.m student so which type of shoe should i opt for my college dressing

    A huge fan of u frm india

  20. I’ll choose between chukka boots and Chelsea boots, grab one only from those, replace the others with Loafers, and definitely grab a single/double munk strap shoes.

  21. Loafers? Two for fall and winter, but nothing for the summer?

  22. Black dress shoes are for waiters and bellboys.

  23. Is there a reason you suggest leather chelsea/chukka boots? I have both in suede and don't really want to get the same boots again

  24. Ash, can you check out Lands End? They seem to have everything that matches your asthetic.

  25. What about a double monk straps?

  26. So pretty much the top shoes of 2018 are the same as the previously years. Except for the fake Chuck Taylor's All Stars and the NBs.

  27. Gerold At Large

    Thanks as always Ashley.

  28. Talking about the retros. Which color would be the best decision here? White, Black or Grey? I mean all white looks best on silhouette…

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