Top 5 Men's Sneakers Of 2019

Top 5 Men's Sneakers Of 2019

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  1. Dorian has lost weight…

  2. "Penultimate"? As in sneakers that are chronologically second to last? Umm… hmm… ok.

  3. Peter Aung Thin

    Sorry. I am unsubscribing. I can't watch your dynamic anymore. I appreciate your wanting to have fun but you have wandered too far off the reservation.

  4. White leather or canvas Jack Purcell, Adidas Stan Smith white with blue or green trim with boost or not and the new Cole Haan Grand Pro tennis in white or another color. Nike is not a great choice right now due to them being too political. Adidas is better choice.

  5. You should definitely change your Thumbnail! The older videos look so much better.

  6. ChizBoyMentality

    So, we're not getting the name of those nikes?

  7. Dorian seems high lol

  8. What shirt is Dorian wearing? Lit shit.

  9. Is this guy always this SKINNY? Looks a lot smaller.

  10. Why don't you tell us the name of the shoes in stead of just the brand. Or else, how can we look up these particular models? Searching "Nike retro nylon suede" isn't gonna cut it

  11. Jacob Hernandez

    Do you guys not know the actual name of the shoe I'm pretty sure the first shoe was the waffle and the next ones were the old skools how we gonna find them if we don't know the name of them and those new balences and ultra boosts were complete garbage

  12. Dorian to make a video on how to style these sneakers 🙂

  13. Do you recommend Doc Martens 1460?

  14. Air force one

  15. So I’m going to have to be the obnoxious sneaker head and say:
    the Nike is called a “tailwind”
    the vans is called the “oldschool”
    the new balance is called the “247”

  16. Hey! Is it okay to wear white sneakers when you're a short guy?

  17. Whats the Name of the Nike ?????

  18. I want any of these. ❤️

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