Top 5 Shoes Every Girl Must Have | _ Indian Beauty Blogger _SuperWowStyle

Top 5 Shoes Every Girl Must Have | _ Indian Beauty Blogger _SuperWowStyle

- in Women Sneakers


  1. comeplete style with Mim angel

    i really love you second shoes what this name plzz tell me

  2. wow so nice to see this.. love all of them.. :* prachi didi can you tell me what is the colour & brand & no. of ur lipstick that you are wearing in this video? pls reply 🙂

  3. I can't stay even a single day with out watching at least 10 videos of ur channel

  4. Hi! Iam sara I love watching your videos. Ur just AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL too and u r the most PRETTIEST YouTuber ever and u r BEAUTIFUL than Indian actresses

  5. nyccc…

  6. Diya is the best!

    are u from west bengal?

  7. can you suggest some shoe types that help to cover the whole feet ,so that it doesn't get tanned in patterns . I really need them for my daily college wear.

  8. hey wer did u get those boots from…itz pretty

  9. 1.Black Converse hightops
    2. White Converse hightops
    3. Black Converse
    4. White Converse
    5. Extra Clean White Converse

  10. Converse and black heels

  11. From where did you buy those nude heels?

  12. actually itss sooo good i love all this collection

  13. m a big fan of urs….ur videos are ADDICTIVE

  14. hi prachi…pls reply me…

  15. could you show how to store them in minimal storage place???
    coz I myself have about a dozen of pairs. Add to that my parents and then we find it hard to store it.

  16. i love fliptop bcoz it's very comfortable

  17. hey can u tell me where can I get that first black sandal from?

  18. Deepika Bhandari

    Hi give me ans plzz

  19. Deepika Bhandari

    Hi. How to long my hair faster

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