Top 5 Sneakers Every Guy Needs for 2018

Top 5 Sneakers Every Guy Needs for 2018

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  1. GC Gaming/Sports

    Where did you get the denim jacket from

  2. Stan Smiths really are for everyone! I wore my triple white pair when I went to visit my 87 year old grandmother for the holidays and I shit you not, I walked in the front door and there she was… wearing her triple whites.

  3. Shoes 1&3 are the only shoes I would get from this list. All the others loik atrocious.

  4. So explain the whole ankle showing thing? I’m not a fan really

  5. Where can I buy the yeezy powerphase??

  6. What do you about those denim jackets with fur collars?

  7. What about VaporMaxes?

  8. dude literally ordered a bracelet from rosegold & black a week before Christmas and still haven't gotten it in the mail… thanks for ruining my Christmas. I'm currently in the process of converting my religion

  9. The bear in the big blue house

    Jose would you consider Timberland boots as a must have for footwear?

  10. Best 2018 sneaker is…the fifth watch

  11. Whats you sport

  12. I have 1 pair of shoes… Anyone else?

  13. Jose the type of zuniga to recommend chelsea boots to a dog

  14. to be honest you are not going to really stand out if you are wearing the Things that techingmenfashion is telling us i mean like every Thing you advice us most of the time is Mainstream and you aren't even getting noticed like vans are cool but they are way too Mainstream for me to wear it i personally like shoes that not everyone is rocking right Now like the fila Originals or the Asics get lyte the only Really Mainstream shoes that i rock are the Adidas gazelle in grey

  15. Who the fck funds you ? Sorry, forgot you cater to moronic Americans….. and for the love of god stop moving and shouting like u r high on coke

  16. Hmmm. Do you have an app on google play store? 😀

  17. Jose have you ever considered jordan eclipses? Out of all of my sneakers I get the most compliments from those

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