TOP 5 SNEAKERS Every Man Should Buy (GIVEAWAY)

TOP 5 SNEAKERS Every Man Should Buy (GIVEAWAY)

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  1. The undefeated

  2. Need those Off-Whites!

  3. Jeffrey Sansone

    Off white air forces! 10.5 this is so cool your giving a few pairs away I love it! I’m subscribed as well!

  4. Im literally gonna buy one of all your ESNTLS t's lol

  5. Off-white Air Force 1!

  6. Wearing the black Continentals right now

  7. Those off whites are nice

  8. Trollinragegamer

    EEEEEESSEEEENTTTIAAAALLLSSSSSS …… off white, yeezys or adidas please

  9. Adidas continental

  10. SEY Entertainment

    Addidas Continental, Im a size 11 and you seem tall bro I think they'll fit!! Your the reason I got my first pair of stan smith- BE THE REASON I GET MY 1ST Continentals! Signed up for the mailing list too

  11. I want a pair of professional distance running shoes.

  12. I love the yeezy 500 and I know you don’t really dig them but please I’ve been dying for a pair

  13. Air force 1 jose Air force 1 anyday!

  14. Make a cologne

  15. Air Force 1 !!

  16. Ryan Tanvir Chowdhury

    I would love the off white air force ones

  17. I loved the 4th and 5th

  18. Lyrical Forever

    Jose If i win I would appreciate it if I could get those off white air force ones, they are legit!! Dope content as well bro!

  19. pass them air maxes over here they fire

  20. Parth Parulekar

    Hey Jose, can you hmu w/ the Nike Offwhite AF1s?? Thanks brother

  21. Those element 87’s are sexy but I’m too broke to afford them

  22. Nike Air Force Ones off white, love your videos Jose <3

  23. I could of sworn like a year ago you were hating on sneakers.You caught the hype beast bug! Good work!

  24. Dude..I'll pass on white sneakers.

  25. I want the AirMax 97 undefeated because I want to look stylish with my off white essntl tee I’m going to buy to match with them.

  26. Smaran Garlapati

    Nike element reacts

  27. Pls just hmu w anything yer boi desperate and poor and just want some mad shoe game

  28. Alejandro Rivera

    I like the yeezy 500 they are the perfecta dad shoe

  29. The off-white airforces 5-star and easily my fav

  30. When the shorts gonna come out b

  31. How much for your hoodies?

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