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  1. What is the difference between Air Force 1 and Air Force 1 '07??

  2. there should be nike air mag

  3. Monk Killedababy

    Ultraboost 1.0
    Ultraboost 2.0
    Ultraboost 3.0
    Ultraboost 4.0
    Alphabounce for when I'm feeling less soft

  4. Zackery Basinski

    5. Ugly running shoe like an Asics or Brooks (you literally cannot deny they're comfortable lmao)
    4. Retro runner like an AM90 or NB 998
    3. Dress shoes like loafers, oxfords, etc
    2. Jordan 3 or 5
    1. Modern runner like an Ultra Boost, Energy Boost or NB 574 Sport

  5. What about every girl? lol seems to be a men's fucking hobby

  6. i disagree on the jordans i hate every one of them … agree on the rest tho…

    those are the sneakers i rock …
    1. yeezys pirate black
    2. ultra boost 3.0 triple white
    3. air max 90 green and white (dont know the colorway name)
    4. vans trashere slip ons
    5. all black converse

  7. Thermite Pheonix


  8. Thermite Pheonix

    top 5 sneaker accesories. like lace dubreas or tips. insoles or stuff like crepe coating

  9. Thermite Pheonix


  10. Top 5 Shoes every Man should own shows 27 snkeakers

  11. I think I completely agree with you hes

  12. Le' Anthony Shane

    I got 2 pair of ultra boost. Yeezys. A few Jordans. ASICS. And some nike vapormaxs. I cannot wear chucks or vans tho they just hurt my feet after a while.

  13. 1. Air force 1
    2. Air Jordan (1 thru 13)
    3. Timbs
    4. Air max 90s,95s or 97s
    5. Nike Prestos or huaraches

  14. Vittorio Prigalih

    Every man should own nmd’s

  15. Relative.

  16. You didn’t mention the CLASSIC all white low top Air Force ones smh

  17. The Synthetic Threat

    I think everyone needs some vans/nike sb/converse in their collection then worry about your Jordan's or you Ultra Boosts.

  18. Im not racist but I hate niggers

    why do you wear your hat that way?

  19. anyone else think the 93/17 is the elite boost shoe for comfort for casual wear ?

  20. Hey quick tip for some reason it’s actually kinda nice to mess up ur chuck Taylor’s but don’t destroy them

  21. Screw jordan 1s! get some Nike Vandals instead

  22. 1:12 L as soon as they showed up

  23. 1. Nike Air Force 1
    2. Nike Air Jordan 4
    3. Nike Air Max 90
    4. Nike Nightgazer
    5. Adidas Yeezy

  24. Converse x CDG

    Air Jordan 1 with the dark camo

  25. Post Chicharrone

    You look like my middle school math teacher, he always rocked Foamposites

  26. 1) af1
    2) Chelsea boots
    3) something with adidas boost
    4) roshe runs (or something similar)
    5) aj1s

  27. Will ultraboost work if i wear them in snow ??

  28. Issa CRINGE EVERYtime he says " O.G Colourway " , smh L . . . .

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