- in Women Sneakers


  1. Website is having some technical difficulties for the merch release! We're getting it handled ASAP! Just keep trying! Thanks ya'll.

  2. Hi richie. Im new to tour channel so i just wanted to ask two things.
    1: when did you start collecting sneakers?
    2: when do you upload videos

  3. fila disruptors

  4. Forgot puma fenty?

  5. I love seeing my Seattle girls do their thing!!

  6. waverunners look good on girls too

  7. This Channel deserves 1 mil. subs

  8. I love a lady in sneakers. It just makes their legs just pop out. Example just take a look at the shape of the legs and if they are wearing a white sneakers, it would show off the tan legs. And also, sneakers make girls look like they are ready for anything. They just look so damn attractive in sneakers. Not flip flops or sandals. Hills are a strong maybe. Of course I’m speaking for myself and what I love on a lady. If you want, on a later review, you could use this text and have an episode on asking guys on what they prefer on a lady.

  9. I'm going to one of the five girls on this channel to say, FUCKINGG THANKS. Gimme more content for girls pleasee.

  10. Never trust girls with Jordans- THA GOAT

  11. Where did she get that shirt though?!?

  12. What about the brands like KOIO and Axel Arigato?

  13. not that I don’t like the weekly hype videos, but I miss more than 1 hypetalk a week…

  14. Stan smith? Chuck taylor? I mean i’m no girl but you really didn’t include these into the list

  15. Laura Blackford

    What about converse?

  16. Bro you just know she’s reading a script that richie wrote

  17. Max Johnstone

    Sorry but girls should never be wearing jordans, theyre way too big for girls

  18. Where the Flyknit Racers at tho?

  19. Carlos Velasquez


  20. Who else a dude but only comes here for Dani

  21. Shit I own all of them. I'm a guy.

  22. basic girls*

  23. No body wants that cheap shit that merch made by Chinese

  24. Don’t trust girls who wears Jordan’s

  25. She keep saying “us girls”

  26. Restock the varsity jacket please I’m begging you

  27. Red-Haired Shanks

    Basic bitch starter pack:
    Adidas superstar
    Nike air force one
    And air max 90

  28. Ofc jordans are included

  29. MonkeyProductions

    need ANOTHER spring/summer essentials video AND a ANOTHER cheap alternatives video ASAP !! 🙂

  30. I wanna buy the shorts but I can't

  31. Adidas Superstar abe Converse All-Star????

  32. A Bag of Kale Chips

    Why am I’m watching this I’m a dude

  33. she is HOT

  34. Patryk Falowski

    Lol i watched this „i dont trust girls with jordans” an hour ago

  35. Can't trust a female in nikes (Jordans, Huraches, Air Forces) cuz they only lookin for a hood nikka. They wifey if they in boost, white chucks, or vans


    Nobody gives a fuck about girl shoes…show us ass titties and legs bitch

  37. Ayyyye was able to cop the shorts and two hoodies before the crash. What are you guys tryna get

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