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  1. Alex Mathew Mendoza

    I think that flannel is from the Gap.

  2. Remember when you first got the three dots pack

  3. That beat from alchemist tho.. currensy killed this shit

  4. You know you have a huge selection when you forget you even had them. Great vid cuz it’s relatable. I do the same but with clothes.

  5. Would you sell me those packer puma Clyde’s ?

  6. I have those Grid 9000s – love them! Great materials.

  7. gosh i love saucony….I forgot about the keys open doors pair and opened the box the other day. was stoked!! I was never able to cop any of the 3 dot pack…mad jealous bro! they are heaters.

  8. Jesus. Em Pumas are WETT!!!!!!
    I'd rock em. Especially that all-blue.
    Arenas are still hot though.

  9. I only have about 8 pairs of shoes in my collection, so none that I "forgot" about, per se. I did have one pair of dark brown Vans Old Skools with a black side stripe that I got for a buy one get one half off deal, but I didn't like them at first. After a month or two of sitting in the box, I pulled them out and noticed how clean they actually were. I don't know what changed my mind, but I started noticing how vintage, classy, and versatile they look. I still have yet to break them out, but their time is definitely coming. Thinking they'd go well with a navy blue hoodie and light khaki jeans. If I really want to go deep, I'll throw on my 1970's brown San Diego Padres snapback.

    Big fan of your channel bro!

  10. KingCharlesViii

    I think the only pair I have sitting are my Black Kaws 4's… Just waiting for the right occasion to wear them.

  11. I remember you doing the 3 dots pack. You got me back into saucony

  12. That’s wild, I’ve never seen those Jeter 1s before. Also, I think those Balenciaga’s are dope you could use them for a menswear lookbook.

  13. Ришат Иржанов

    О стремный обзор!

  14. id def pay for Eddie to be my stylist lmao

  15. That curren$y BBS beat is still dope to this day

  16. I have said this plenty times b4. But your music choices always on Point. Honestly reminds me on When Foamer did those NY ROOFTOP vids

  17. Most of these sneakers are a hard pass for me man. Good video though

  18. The Saucony Grid 9000's are so dope. I myself have a pair of the model and have been looking for more colorways of the shoe and that colorway you have is absolutely insane. Also your flannel is fire and dope video!

  19. Background music always on point

  20. Yoooo Win! You going to be at Gillette Stadium next Saturday?

  21. Why do you have a fishing reel on your wall?

  22. This should be a series!!

  23. instantklassicks

    Common Projects are probably the safest designer sneaker brand you can roll with

  24. I found a DS pair of the Nike SB Dunk High Gasparilla that I completely forget I even bought until last week.

  25. Sonic The Hedgehog

    You should wear the Arenas.
    You might break some necks for those who know what they are.

  26. I only have about 15 to 20 pair, but with all this damn snow and winter I’m just beating up my utility 500s. Once nicer weather comes I’ll break out all my others that I haven’t wore yet and purchased over the winter

  27. jake litterello

    Wow I remember buying the red and blue pair of the saucony’s right after seeing them in your video. Forgot I had em too!

  28. Looks like cowhide and not leopard print ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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