Top 5 Sneakers You Must Have In 2018 | Top 5 Sneakers 2018

Top 5 Sneakers You Must Have In 2018 | Top 5 Sneakers 2018

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  2. Nice

  3. NMD'S are really old and are wayyyy out of style.
    Jordan 1 mids are just the cheaper Jordan that really don't look good at all.

  4. Nmds are so 2017 now

  5. brandon freeman

    Why is this dude sayin’ “nigga” who gave him a pass……I need y’all to speak up

  6. In my opinion, airmax97 reflect silver is a must have items in this year. Not too expensive and also looks great on feet.

  7. Nike or adidas

  8. tanbir rahman

    im cheap so for me

    1. converse low top white/superga white/adidas stan smith navy heel/ jack purcell (interchangeable)
    2. vans old school
    3. puma suede
    4. Nike Roshe in black/blue/grey
    5. Adidas Samba in black

  9. Steven Sookra

    What can I use to keep my sneakers white

  10. Hahah love your style of editing humour and presenting. Nice tips yo. Keep it up

  11. Jordan 1 is the best for me

  12. Gangsterlife333

    What about them classic crispy white air force ones 😉

  13. Ferdinand Vazquez

    The Vans would be my #1! (I have the Lampin, Grape)

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