Top 5 Sneakers You NEED For Back to School!

Top 5 Sneakers You NEED For Back to School!

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  1. Jose, can you do the top 5 most affordable and stylish bag for school

  2. Jose the kind of Zuniga to tailor his pajamas to sleep better.

  3. Christopher Alden

    Those Vapormax are tacky AF. I wouldn't even wear those to the gym.

  4. Yeezy, nmd, yeezy, nmd and yeezy. Thats all you need

  5. I feel like with this type of content "Clothes/Shoes/Etc," for college/school you're attracting more of an audience than Alpha M's channel. I feel like Alpha M applies to mens aged 30+ where your content can relate to college aged students not just middle aged men. Keep it up!

  6. jose the type of zuniga who learns a new word [versatile] and uses it in every motherfucking sentence

  7. Antonio Šimić

    Jose the type of zuniga to get a girl pregnant on 05.08.

  8. I have been a bit disappointed by your outfits recently

  9. Nike janoski sb max
    Nike ad 1
    Addidas nmd's
    Addidas tubular

  10. I need to know where you got your fcking t-shirt !!!

  11. jose the type of nigga to cut his dick just to keep the minimalistic look

  12. Why is running shoes being called sneakers or have I got the meaning of the sneakers wrong

  13. How about the Stefan Janoski Max?

  14. jose the type of zuniga to drain his bank account for a more minimalistic look.

  15. José Is the type of Zúñiga that doesn't know shit about streetwear but still recommends hyped sneakers

  16. Personally the best overall shoe are the Nike roshes because they come in all kinds of different colors and o good with anything

  17. I personally hate Air Forces but I think they should've been on this list

  18. Jakub Šimčík

    Hi, Jose what do you think about Adidas Tubular X PK? I bought the black ones. Are they good for everyday wearing? Or should i also buy 1 pair of Converse?:DD

  19. horrible list, only liked the stan smiths..

  20. Remember when Jose was bald?

  21. 3:19 make a video about how you tied em ub’s

  22. mate can u tell me the tshirt brand
    that ur wore aug 15 is my birthday so i would like to buy it

  23. the vans don't match

  24. Rock yo curly hair mate

  25. the survey is so bullshit, you dont even mke money and you get hacked
    fuck you jose for recommending this shit just for getting those sponser moneys
    dont actually care about your viewer ,unsubscribed.

  26. Do you wear socks with your shoes?

  27. Nike air max not vapor max…

  28. Who else looked at thumbnail to see the top shoes

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