Top 6 BEST Running Shoes 2017!

Top 6 BEST Running Shoes 2017!

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  1. What about reebok zpump ?

  2. What is the best of the best cross country shoe ?

  3. The main problem with boost is that piece of shit Kanye, now you get fatass kids who happily spend $200 on boost, they are driving up the price, these fat fucks don't do any running

  4. How long do they last?

  5. Have the Adidas Springblades ever make a best running shoe list or were they just a novel design that never delivered?

  6. Thoughts on "No Bull" Trainers? See them advertising a lot on Facebook

  7. I love your channel

  8. Running is an more important Exercise for Good health, So u need abest show for running so go through our website to Get ur best

  9. which one is better, Asics Gel Kayano 23 or Adidas Ultraboost ST?

  10. what were all the shoes prices?

  11. Probably the worst running shoe I've ever ran is Nike, but the best running shoes are asics

  12. what is drop

  13. How about reebok pump plus?
    Ultra boost is too expensive for me and the other shoes are not availaible at my place.

  14. You must have epic ankle tan lines wearing those socks all the time. Do a review on smartwool toe socks, they are great, see you later blisters.


  16. I have the asics and they are an overall great shoe. one of my favorites in the last 5 years and ive been exploring with brands

    Pros – helped with faster run times, less run fatigue and have colorways that can be worn to work without standing out. little break in period, mostly good support
    Cons – theyre very bulky, don't breath (feel damp) after running and the left and right shoe sometimes feel like they're made from 2 different builds. (could be a lacing issue)

    However, to go from 55min 10k to 45min 10k in just one pair over the summer has been worth the cons.

  17. Did you… Did you just call yourself "The Jet"?

  18. Ultra boosts are trash for running

  19. allll shoe are awsm

  20. Joining Cross Country so I need a pair! And it's funny how people always get nikes when nikes are probably the worst running shoes you can get especially the cheap ones!

  21. I've got the gel kayanos 23 and there perfect for me

  22. thank sir

  23. the pics of these shoes on the websites suck. they should hire you lol

  24. BUY Lotto Running Shoes (White) UNDER 47% DISCOUNT

  25. Killer M.E.E.M Star

    I have some nike Pegasus 34 best shoe I have ever have I highly recommend it

  26. I need a stability shoe, do the Ultraboost ST's also fit a halfsize small? (Truth be told, I already ordered them and now I am worried they are going to come too small). I like my running shoes tight, and typically downsize, so these might be way to tight when I get them.

  27. brent harracksingh

    You look like the actor for Green arrow

  28. Ryan The Quickscoper

    I wish I could have the ultraboost or the lunarepic low flyknit 2 and the Gemini 3 re

  29. what does drop mean?

  30. What is the drop?

  31. the best shoes in the world: Sketchers

  32. Dislike for Ultra Boost

  33. I want a shoe for running long distances in the mountains and it should be light Can anyone tell me which shoe would work best for me ? Pls

  34. What does "drop" mean?

  35. PusdienlaikaŠovs

    Adidas Crazytrain Bounce are a couple years old at this point but they strike a nice middle ground between cushioning and ground feel. What's also great about them is the upper has this vinyl material on top which makes it more durable while keeping them fairly bteathable so they're good for offroad. They've been my main shoes for almost a year now and they've been great!

  36. i want a gym shoe which can last me 4 to 5 years and which i can also use as my daily wear shoe . i also have a wide feet and my options are nike Pegasus zoom 33 ,nike free rn 2017 and adidas ultraboost

  37. Altra escalante are the best

  38. You should put the app on the stores in Mexico

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