TOP 7 Sneakers ALL Men Should Buy To Look Cool (Retro Inspired)

TOP 7 Sneakers ALL Men Should Buy To Look Cool (Retro Inspired)

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  1. I swear Kap G could pass as your hood twin brother

  2. anyone know the brand of that polo

  3. jose where did you get that polo

  4. "im not tryna make any money of you guys" while telling us to download his sponser LOOOL

  5. I was never into the nmd tbh

  6. Unknown Definitely unknown

    That look like a rip-off of GOAT

  7. Can you do trainers that can be worn with slim fit jeans.

  8. Shaddai Santellan-Mendez

    + Teachingmensfashion , can you do a video other good hair products to use for your hair other than gel to style it? Thank you!

  9. That buy and selling app seems like a good way to sell fake shit to ppl being over priced lol

  10. panos kosandianos

    5:08 how can the air be visible tho ?????

  11. Wha means og ?

  12. The nmd’s are 10 x more comfortable than any of those.

  13. Forgot Adidas Stan Smith & Shell Tops.

  14. What about the stan smith

  15. More retro?

  16. But… I am cool even without the shoes.

  17. Perfect timing Jose. Been thinking about getting new sneakers but I couldn't decide which one's.

  18. I cri a vincero watch for 1 dollar

  19. Always have a triple white AF1 on deck

  20. Yeah, I’m gonna get the yellow tiger shoes, Embrace the kill bill in me

  21. Can you make a hair style video?

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