Top 8 Best All White Sneakers 2018

Top 8 Best All White Sneakers 2018

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  1. Kingdom Athlete

    Salute my brotha✌

  2. Eye Heart Sushi

    LOL I guessed 9 out of 10 (not the order, but the shoes themselves). I wouldn't have it any different, either. When it comes to classic style, winners are winners. No need to look elsewhere.

  3. I love rocking my all white nikes

  4. Great Video O.G!! I like all of the sneakers you showed but I'm really feeling the Tretorns I have three pair right now Its a brand a lot of people are sleeping on. Thanks!! Salute!!

  5. As always brother, great content. I was thinking you might've left out greats but I own a few of them and for the price the quality is ridiculously well worth it if you want no socks shoes in your collection.

  6. Orlando Santiago

    From the Stan Smith , you need try the tumble leather version with the off white midsole! That’s the big deal OG! Great video bro !

  7. I'm surprised. No AJ Retro 1s all white? Stan Smith and the AF1s always classics! Great video as always OG!

  8. I love the Stan Smiths because they looks fresh, they feel good and they arent to expensive!

  9. Chris Stephenson

    Cool video as usual OG. It's crazy to see all these over priced kix that are all based off the classic Puma & Stan Smith platforms. Italian leather, blah blah I get it. But really though ya added nothing new nor innovative. $400+? Stop it!!

  10. I definitely agree with the NEW REPUBLIC alternative to the COMMON PROJECT sneakers. Nice work!

  11. I just bought Zara shoes all white sneaker looking like Adidas Stan Smith to add it to my white collection .It's classic and lil bit cheaper.

  12. Nice shirt fam

  13. yo! its Tony Tone!

    Gotta cop them converse and vans. Great video of!

  14. I like those all white Gucci 84's, with the red and green stripes on the back. My favorite sneakers of all time.

  15. New to your channel but am here to stay. Good tips from the maestro!

  16. Great content OG! If I might add to the list…Filling Pieces heelcap low top (all white) and ETQ Low4 (white),got to be top list white leather sneakers of recent times .

  17. Nice list, O.G. I just picked up the Vans Old School Triple White. Forty bucks at the Vans outlet, can't beat that!

  18. How do you clean canvas once it gets dirty?

  19. The new Adidas Continental is pretty good and cheap

  20. As always a fantastic video and yes indeed I shall be sporting my white canvas sneakers and chinos shorts and trousers at many of the upcoming free jazz outdoor concerts in my area thanks Jeff!

  21. alex thelizardking

    Nice video

  22. Love my Kurt All White and my all white Shell Toe Adidas.

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