Top Five Must Have White Sneakers

Top Five Must Have White Sneakers

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  1. Good video!

  2. reebok c85 so

  3. Nice video!

  4. wheres the polaroid camera from tho?? <3

  5. Nike Air Force 1's needed to be on this list

  6. shell toes

  7. Show the shoes off well fucking top view

  8. August Harvest

    Nike flyknits ❤️❤️❤️

  9. Fire editing

  10. what song was that

  11. Chucks!! Need to be on every white sneaker list

  12. Tbh i think clean stan smiths look better but beat up reebok classics are amazing

  13. Gabriel Peralta

    what socks and pants are those? :O

  14. white sneakers are the fucking best

  15. Another great video!! ⚡️ after watching your vid starting to love classic reebok

  16. also air force ones

  17. everyone sounds like they're from toronto nowadays

  18. abishaiakatsuki

    Hands down love those reeboks

  19. Gustavo Alonzo

    Where did you get that black trucker jacket?

  20. Agree with all of them except the dad sneakers

  21. My go-to “technically” white sneaker are my Margiela Calfskin Rep. lows, mad versatile and a subtle flex, can’t go wrong with’em.

  22. my go-to white sneakers consist of
    air force 1
    white leather sneakers
    air max 95 or a vintage air max similar to the air max plus

  23. Goddamn fire brother keep it up!!! #SalleFlex

  24. Shilo Garcons

    What about the air force 1?

  25. Great stuff Stevie,
    Where do you pick up your sneakers from?

  26. Can’t never go wrong w/ a pair of stan smiths…lit content as always

  27. I legit just bought the exact same stan smiths ayyyy

  28. Jordan Keomany

    Powerphase off white vans flyknit trainers Stan smith Air Force ones


    Where you get those pants from?

  30. can you put the links of the clothes that you wear in the video?

  31. TAWKSICK 毒性

    60fps big tings!!

  32. TAWKSICK 毒性

    fun fact i say along the "what is up everybody, this your boy srxgs" every vid lmao

  33. I was looking at buying the all white converse low from SSENSE for the summer. Stan smith’s might make for more versatility.

  34. rasmus knudsen

    a bit dissapointed commonprojects arent in here :/ Good video tho 🙂

  35. What’s the song at the start ?

  36. stan smiths definitely my go to, but after seeing this video that might change ⚡️⚡️⚡️

  37. Can u do a Video on Must have trousers (asos)

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