Trends That Need to DIE in 2019 | Men’s Fashion | Alex Costa

Trends That Need to DIE in 2019 | Men’s Fashion | Alex Costa

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  1. What other trends should die in 2019?
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  2. It's time for me to grow up and get out of baggy clothes. I have been watching so many videos on what's hot, how to wear, whats the look. ect ect. and I am glad to see that you are not into these Gaudy Giant logos. I mean I would love to own some Fendi or other like brand clothes but I'm not paying 999.99 for a sweater. I do love Adidas and always will so I do buy 150.00 hoodies and stuff. Thx for having these videos for us no style knowing chumps.

  3. I really hope the cross body bag trend stays. I love it

  4. Yeezys are very comfortable

  5. Pair of Ezeeys…. So much pain

  6. I feel like most of those things were never nice to start with. Those Yeeze's… horrendous shoes.

  7. Man bun ? Really ?are you fucking joking ? Any guy that has one should be shot . Wow

  8. And also wanted to say YES!!! on Supreme. Tokyo is crawling with this stuff. A 2nd hand 80's record cover copy Supreme can sell for $250 USD here. I recently found a Joy Division t-shirt that is nearly identical to one I found in a local shop for $19 in terms of image, quality and durability. The Supreme was insanely expensive and not worth one yen more than the one I got in fashionable Shimo-Kitazawa. It is just a way of saying "I have money to waist." But for me, Joy Division was an "I love this band" purchase. I asked local Japanese fashionista in the Joy Division shirt if she knew about the band. She had no idea it was for a band, that much money for a band shirt for a band you have never heard of. Nope.

  9. On cross body bags. The problem isn't the bags, the problem is the US taste in these bags. Here in Tokyo and across Asia the makers have released slightly larger bags with practical pockets, decent storage for a guy out and around for the day. They have released in matte leathers, high end modern fabrics, wool and tweed and even some high quality cotton bags. These are great and practical when you don't live your life in a car but are out and about in the city every day. I use a much larger over the shoulder bag big enough to hold a large ipad or small laptop and live out of these bags as do countless fashionable guys in Tokyo. But I agree the fanny pack-ish tiny cross body bags are useless. But the overall concept is anything but a loss for useful or for fashion. The US just needs to catch up with Asia on this.

  10. It’s pretty great that you can now wear 350s because you really like them, right?

  11. OasisLiveForever94

    Rolled up jeans with no socks, absolutely horrendous. Nobody wants to see your bony ankle.

    Also jeans that are so tight you look like you've put on your little sisters by mistake. Nothing wrong with standard skinny but anything tighter than that needs to go.

  12. shoulderbags are great. I hope it stays a bit longer. I mean i put my phone and my wallet and glasses in it. Else i would put that stuff in my jeans pockets and jacket pockets and this would look rlly shitty.

  13. Which necklace is this? Please

  14. Lol you don't know what your talking about when your talking about street wear gtfo

  15. GMOG LifeStyle Sneakers & Fashion

    If Yeey 350 V2's have to die which came out in 2016 than All retro Jordans 1-14 have to die as well which have been out 2-3 time longer than Yeezy 350's.

  16. Time and place for them man bags, not day to day

  17. I love Yeezy's myself. Not just because of the looks but damn those shoes are really comfortable to wear in and take off.

  18. Seasonings2taste

    Wow a style video without a sponsor? Subscribed.

  19. First you try to advertise each and every trend out there and in the next video you tell people to stop. Here is a good tip! Don't follow every trend!!!

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