TwojsKicks Shows $1,500,000 Sneaker Collection at Urban Necessities NYC!

TwojsKicks Shows $1,500,000 Sneaker Collection at Urban Necessities NYC!


  1. Please do more videos!

  2. Why so many ads? My god!!!!

  3. Hayden Buttonedally46

    It’s not a pop up shop !!!!!!!

  4. Damien Jeremy Weir

    Welcome back

  5. Damien Jeremy Weir

    That kid has morphed

  6. Neighbours is I'm guessing stadium goods ?

  7. glad to see you back with another banger, welcome back to youtube

  8. lol my neighbor has these for $40,000 (talking about flight club)

  9. Absolutely love your vids bro. Keep up the great work and do good in school. You truly are an inspiration to me

  10. 4:39 got me dyinggggggg lmaooooo

  11. nobody wants a damn pink crewneck bud.. bad investment lol

  12. They opened up a pop up shop with American eagle? Isn’t it a actual store not just a pop up store that will be gone in a few weeks.

  13. Bruh please post regularly again you the GOAT man

  14. Ethan Canals-Fernández

    We have missed you! Welcome Back

  15. He’s back!

  16. The only one who low ball is luke from round two

  17. Joseph Hernandez

    Kelly oubre jr in the video minutes of video

  18. welcomeee back bro! ❤❤❤

  19. Dude them sweat shirts are wack! What is so important about em?

  20. Finally the goat is back! Keep making videos love them!

  21. Jaysse’s plug for Instagram is spelled wrong

  22. Make professional sports related videos with your connections

  23. Glad to see your doing good.bro

  24. Glad to see a new video. I can’t wait to see you drop more videos.

  25. Paul Youngblood

    Did you meet Joanie?

  26. Let’s go finally a uploading

  27. My boy is back!

  28. toronto ?! ehhhhhhhhhhhhh

  29. robert mccormick

    Great to see you back


  31. A you and J vid is so o.g!

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