Ultimate Shoe Collection for Indian Men | Men’s Essential Shoes | BeerBiceps Fashion

Ultimate Shoe Collection for Indian Men | Men’s Essential Shoes | BeerBiceps Fashion

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  1. Ranveer is a type of Zunigga to tell us to wear basic color underwears coz they will compliment everything in your wordrobe.

  2. Bro please tell something about crocs

  3. Gautam Dandgawhal

    Thanks My Elder Brother ! ! !

  4. what is your height bro ? you look relativly small with the low waist pants :/

  5. bro make a video on cleaning hairs of our body and also of private parts……

  6. Neelesh Kachhwaha

    Bhai achhe se wear krega to 500 ka shoe bhi 2 year chalega tu 1.8 k to 2.5k ke shoes 12 or 18 months chalane ki baat kr raha h. Middle class Indians k liye bata raha h k bahar walon k liye

  7. Abe tu pagal Hai Kya! flip flops pehen ke kahin bhi jaa sakte hain?
    Matlab yaar Kuch bhi bol rahe ho yaar tum video mein

  8. 12:09 don't it call as a Loafer's socks bro it's no show socks bro

  9. Fantastic video , very good advice especially the one you gave regarding sports shoes….keep up mann, all the best

  10. Mr.Multitalented

    Thank god, I found your channel, you saved me… thanks ranveer.
    been watching your videos from 2 days and almost watched all.

  11. Hey Ranveer!!
    What should I do if my shoe no. is 12?
    I don't get shoes of my choice….

  12. Anant Swarup Borah

    Some information abouts boots would be much appreciated

  13. Kushagra Taparia

    Thanks Bro…was very helpful

  14. What's your take on Chelsea boots

  15. Ugly collection!! Go for chelsea boots or monkstraps my boy. They look freaking amazing.

  16. please give the link if your roadster brown everyday shoe…single shoe that I like the most in your video…please give the link

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