Unboxing My ENTIRE Sneaker Collection! (Never Before Seen Pairs!)

Unboxing My ENTIRE Sneaker Collection! (Never Before Seen Pairs!)


  1. Jacob Parkinson

    I wanna win those

  2. those off-white converse are so fire!! feeling lucky!

  3. Off white 🙂

  4. Lemme get those sneaks

  5. I feel bad for whoever edits his vids

  6. I need them offwhites to start mo collection I need it sandy

  7. ayyy noti gang

  8. Fire collection. Hope to win the converse

  9. I can’t wait to see your final sneaker wall, keep up the great content!

  10. Bet

  11. yoyoyoyo


    I would love to win these. Favorite ow pair
    Greetings from Paris

  13. Your vid are the best

  14. Spaghetti Astronaut

    A mexican youtuber found this one (15:24) in an outlet for 140$.

  15. Great video

  16. All those shoes are amazing and so are those converse I hope I can win them

  17. Andres Marquez Garcia

    Really want to get those converse Harrison.

  18. “Off-White”

  19. GreenSlayer38 Gaming

    15:40 there is something called a shoe horn

  20. Jo3_L33ch HypeBeast

    what a collection

  21. Those converse are fire

  22. Regaldrache HD

    Try the statics with the calabasas track pants

  23. I've always wanted a pair of OW Converse

  24. Hopefully I could win those, best wishes from Spain!!

  25. Lucas Sciaudone

    commenting for the converse

  26. Grant Huckestein

    Pick me for the giveaway: in need of some fire

  27. I’m subscribed and following

  28. Wish for your success

  29. i want the off white so bad

  30. My entry’s aren’t going through

  31. I hope I win those off whites.

  32. Adventures With Tim

    Crazy shoe collection! @timmcdowell44

  33. man i want them shoes @bummysanti that’s my ig

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