UNBOXING: Spider-Man JORDAN 1 “Origins Story” SNEAKER Review

UNBOXING: Spider-Man JORDAN 1 “Origins Story” SNEAKER Review

- in Men Sneakers


  1. They should make a venom/hook/ Spiderman air Jordan four and five

  2. I think miles wears the chicago colorway in the movie

  3. Delta Red Gaming

    i couldn't find it in 23instock but i found the venom

  4. Maybe if they did a venom or black Superman version of these….

  5. Miles Morales jordan 1s

  6. Dang I'm tryna cop

  7. Damnboiugotfinnesed

    Are they going to sell again? My reservation wasn’t accepted and they sold out in a few hours. I really want them tho

  8. Indiana jones jr.

    2:59 also the tounge has the jumpan… so the ones in the movies are the 2013s

  9. box should be for everyone smh

  10. How much is resale?

  11. We want the box


  13. if anyone has a size 9 my max is $200… lol

  14. awoh a dexter thats my size send dat my way

  15. Siddharth Rajagopalan

    I copped, they nice af

  16. I have those shoes with the costume

  17. They should have come with a comic book too.

  18. they not even selling the kicks he wore in the movie …but the dots are for the animation style used in the film … movie was fire tho.

  19. should I buy these from the GOAT site for $365?


    Sick of jordan 1s

  21. Irving Rodriguez

    It sucks we getting a kids version of this shoe. I was waiting on the Chicagos to release now I have to wait a couple more years.

  22. The out-sole should have been translucent RED!

  23. Dots are the way the print was done back then. Not a story aid as mentioned.

  24. Nerdy mf gets everything

  25. I love the Chicago style and I have to say the translucent soles look brilliant. I do like the Spider-Man films though I'm not a die hard fan but the collab is really cool especially with the 3m touches.

    If people don't like the dots then just get yourself some Angelus Red Acrylic Leather Paint and you're sorted 🙂

  26. Are this gona be hard to buy?

  27. These may be the best 1's this year.

  28. This guy sucks.

  29. I thought it look like a basketball to

  30. Who else cop this today on SNEAKRS app?

  31. It’s a chicago with a spider-man box, that’s it.

  32. PAIR of Sneakerheads

    So basically news of 2 month ago. I was the first to spot the spiderman connection.

  33. The soles rock wtf

  34. Why aren't these coming out in toddler/preschool sizes; only Boys Grade school. I was looking forward to getting these for my 5 year son who has become a big spiderman fan and and bigger Miles Morals fan. Very disappointed.

  35. Bro is all that talking necessary?? I understand u gotta talk but dang bruh all that talking before u even open the box

  36. Ain't those called the Chicago Crystal?

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