UNDERRATED SNEAKERS FOR MEN 2019 | Top Men's Sneaker Trends | DevanOnDeck

UNDERRATED SNEAKERS FOR MEN 2019 | Top Men's Sneaker Trends | DevanOnDeck

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  1. The shoe from the thumbnail is by Mallet (older season though) follow me on Instagram for more underrated sneakers https://bit.ly/JGstrIG

  2. Oscar Rapiditie


  3. Great video as always, Devan. The Grenson sneaker with the gumsole is definitly my favorite. It looks really clean.

  4. Incredible Video. Please Devan we need more sneaker videos. I recently purchased "Lucras Off white" from Mallet. They kinda remind my of the yeezy 700. Great Video.

  5. You have to check out a sneaker brand called Hinson Studios, they're also in the Netherlands.

  6. Another innovative list fr


  8. I can definitely see myself falling in love with Grenson, once I'm able to afford them lol. Next would be Nubikk. Great underrated sneaker list, one of my favorite series from this channel.

  9. Grenson are definitely not underground. They're very well known as you would expect from a company that's been going over 150 years. Admittedly they're better known for their boots and shoes.

  10. Nice but to rich for my blood

  11. Bruh I've been buying shoes on top of shoes, ordered new grey Chelsea's yesterday and I ordered hand made boots 3 weeks ago. Domt tempt me with videos like these. The English brand looks clean as hell.. I've bought 6 pairs of shoes in the past 6 months

  12. Style With Kicks

    Dope man…tbh, I like them all lol

  13. Stephen McCrory

    Lovinng this video – Mallet and Nubikk look awesome. Had forgotten Grenson do sneakers, so will take another look at what they have. Thanks.

  14. None of these are really my style (I normally wear skate shoes and over like $120 is never anything I would spend), but I appreciate all your effort and input. All of these definitely look cool. I especially like some of the dress shoe/basketball shoes combinations, which I haven't really seen done like that.

    You're great as always, Devan. Always like hearing what you have to show us.

  15. Nubikk is actually pretty big in the Netherlands

  16. My favorite is Grenson! The prices aren’t bad at all for Italian made sneakers

  17. Hey Devon could you do a budget version of this

  18. I loved all of. I will be getting a couple. Do have video on me a jewelry. Ur jewelry is off the chain

  19. Any recommendation for shoes like those old collection mallets on the thumbnail ? They remind me of the valentino sneakers but i ain't paying 500 bucks for those.. thank you for the video!

  20. hi Devan, great video again!
    I already knew about the NBKKs (I live in the Netherlands) and I think those are my favourite's from your list

    Have you done a video of your whole sneaker collection because I'd love to see it!

  21. Can you make a video about good quality fair prices of house clothing, like pajamas and such?

    And thank you ❤️

  22. Christopher Lewis

    What shoe is in the thumbnail

  23. Love it Devan! Great video.

  24. Loved all of them!
    Can't love the price. Too exp for my average broke ass.

  25. Appreciate the insight! Lovin’ it keep it coming

  26. RichardOriginal

    Wow Mallet has shoe incredible shoes. Unfortunately nothing for big feet gang though 🙁 lmao

  27. "Buttero is underrated"

    Maybe because the one you showed is $500?

  28. Dope vid again bro, what are the shoes in your thumbnail?

  29. Axel Arigato is quite underrated.

  30. Damn. These are hella dope. 2nd brand my favorite.

  31. Best Channel for fashion caus my brother African American

  32. I like this video! 🙂

  33. Ange Vianney Chi

    please style navy like you did with burgundy

  34. Johnnie Murray

    Good looks on this. I just went to look up some Grenson kicks and found a dope ass website Mrporter.com. i got white ass ankle bones so i need kicks that tan them up lol.

  35. It’s pronounced “buttero”

  36. I like the pronunciation butter-Ro. Because I like saying I got a fresh pair of buttas on!

  37. Great video , especially when u talking about sneakers

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