Updated Sneaker Collection 2019 !!

Updated Sneaker Collection 2019 !!


  1. I wear the same size shoes as you guys

  2. Same when I got the air forces they were kinda messed up

  3. @asia & aubree can yall give my channel a shout out please

  4. another banger

  5. How much for the uggs?

  6. I where I size 9

  7. How much for the uggs

  8. What we got for are birthday

  9. I’ll buy the uggs if still available

  10. I love yall ❤️ and hey I’m a small youtuber so please subscribe

  11. how much for the ugg’s ?


    Y’all never post I was about to unsubscribe

  13. I will take the uggs

  14. Okay but I have like 5

  15. Frances Jean Louis

    Okay, so far you guys got my attention, keep these videos coming!

  16. CinnamonToastCrunch C

    Early gang

  17. I made sure i clicked on the video cause baby y'all lit twins and i now this video finna be popin period❤❤❤

  18. Y’all shoes are cute

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