UPDATED! Sneakers Every Man Should Own in 2018

UPDATED! Sneakers Every Man Should Own in 2018

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  1. The fact that you make a video just to apologize and rectify on something that "might" be an error says a lot about your professionalism… love this channel even more now. Thanks for the suggestions always!

  2. The name of the sole technology is boost, not Ultraboost. Ultraboost is a separate shoe

  3. these are the ugliest sneakers I ever peeped my eyes on.. yall need to do some more research what is this .. sneakers every man should own. more like sneakers no man should ever own. terrible sneakers those.. two running sneakers basically? what… ? the fok???

  4. You guys are too cute. You didn’t have to make an entire video just for this. I love how you guys hold this channel to a high standard and don’t waste our time with advertisements. I will continue to support you guys just for that fact.

  5. Drewski intergalactic

    New Balance there quality varies a lot while Adidas always delivers .Even if Adidas is more expensive it's still worth it

  6. well
    she mad

  7. i buy clothes and stuff but what is the right way to wash clothes without ruining them

  8. Richard Luciano

    How is it not breaking the bank if you're saying one or the other is among the Sneakers Every Man Should Own in 2018?

  9. Canadian Scholar

    You guys are perfect.

  10. Great editing in this video! Props to whoever edited this!

  11. I haven't owned a pair of sneakers since high school. I pretty much wear steel toed boots seven days a week, 365 days a year.

  12. Dorian is like the map of chile

  13. I'm a short guy, sneakers don't look good on me

  14. theunsactionedpro

    As a style blog, not those Boost for sure, they are ugly and there are many better option Boost shoes out there. The 247 have always had an insane profile and look. The updated version is good looking but seems a tad cheap with the plastic rear quarter.

  15. lol comparison

  16. The New Balance 247's are a great sneaker.. nice, clean, modern design & very comfortable!

  17. Hi Ashley and Dorian. I like your general advices on fit, silhouettes… but recommending brands of shoes, or when you are too narrow… I feel you are being a bit conformist… My 2 centimes.

  18. Style Endeavors

    Respect for the update

  19. William Segalla

    The cushioning is boost. Ultraboost is a specific adidas model

  20. Not a big mistake but it's just boost not ultraboost

  21. nice submariner dorian!

  22. What's Dorian's height and which size (clothes and shoes) he wears?

  23. Reinhart Alvaro

    Wow sport/running sneakers that are comfortable? How revolutionary

    Also $90-$130 for those average looking sneakers? No thanks, my all white $14 casual sneakers will do

  24. The NB pair looks better anyway

  25. pblockification


  26. Excellent editing and a very professional update- but one question.. How would you style these specific types of sneakers? Or are they just to look good whilst exercising?

  27. Those new balance shoes look old man. Have you seen the movie Crazy, Stupid, Love? Ryan Gossling says no one should be wearing NBs unless they are Steve Jobbs. I agree with that fashion tip

  28. David Salchert

    Great video quality!

  29. David Malinovsky

    The toe box on the Adidas looks ultra tiny, like my toes would be scrunched.

  30. Some clean editing, great video!

  31. Western Survival

    What's the watch?

  32. Can Dorian please stop looking at Ashley when he's speaking

  33. What kind of eyeglasses is Dorian using? They look super nice. You guys should make an article/video about eyeglasses.

  34. Powerhitter 2277

    Nice video.

  35. Bernardo Courrege

    This honesty is what makes you great!

  36. Dorian is totally rockin’ the new haircut.

  37. Ultra boost feels good

  38. Fucking ugly shoes. Like every nmd I have seen beats those two. Sorry but just speaking out the truth…

  39. wael aaww wael20

    thank you

  40. Will's Personal-Development Show

    Truly appreciate this update

  41. Not sure about your demographics, but recommending a New Balance shoe is recommending the dad vibe.

    New balance is a dad’s shoe.

    If that’s what you were going for, then cool.


  42. Try Salomons, every colour and style plus the bonus of quality.

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