Upgrading My Sneaker Collection 2019! HUGE Sneaker Haul!

Upgrading My Sneaker Collection 2019! HUGE Sneaker Haul!


  1. Bryson your list is crazy, good luck on finding steals on some of those shoes that are on the list lol

  2. I just copped a pair of red suede 5s on offerup for $30 og box and everything I know they’re not hyped really at all and they are a gr but still for $30 I couldn’t pass!!

  3. I recently bought a used a pair of Sean’s for $550. I couldn’t pass it up.

  4. Ruzgar Demirkol

    Bryson I have a question I was thinking about buying the turbo green 1s but I never seen them in person, is the quality good?

  5. Jonathan Meyer

    Lol those are my Travis Scott’s I sold

  6. I got the SW1/97 before the prices skyrocketed $640 for a DS pair with all extra laces and patches

  7. Follow my channel doing giveaway at 100subs

  8. Where did you get that goku poster? its fire

  9. Joshua Johnson

    My last super steal, I won a raffle for some Sb dunk high dr Seuss for $9! Was able to flip for $98

  10. U should start making vlog like sneaker shopping btw great video

  11. I make money off used shoes that I restore. They just look like new but I only payed a fraction of the price

  12. jinus oliver duno

    Sir baka nmn ma score nang isa size 8 or 8.5

  13. DameDoes Mixtapes

    *jordan 1 OKURRR

  14. Hardcore Comedy

    Bro, you have great taste. All those sneakers are right up my alley! Great vid!

  15. ll Dont-Make-Me ll

    Bought the yeezy red core for $600 cause they were slightly used and the box was damaged when they are selling fit like $1000 brand new

  16. Wotherspoons box made me say “whaaaat”

  17. John David Aycock

    sorry bro i’m late lol so many finals rn in college but fire pickups!!

  18. Anyone selling shoes sz 10-10.5?

  19. Keppy’s Diner

    Can you do an updated sneaker collection video? It would be interesting to see all the new shoes you’ve gotten, and the fans could see about how much in total you’ve saved this year with goat

  20. From GOAT this week : /// Ultra Boost GOT Targaryen. They are fire…and no, never seen the show..sorry not sorry ($115 steal)

  21. Savings king????

  22. Cross Perkins

    I’m in the Vintage Community and it’s the same. Clothes you thrift for cheap and they actually have resell value

  23. Tony Chiappetti

    I got used royal 1s for 165

  24. Derrick Curry

    1,2,3,4 straight boxes of heat!

  25. Anthony torres

    Bryson just educated all hype beasts someone get him an mba

  26. If you need a pair of Travis Scott Jordan 1 lows hit me up. Size 11

  27. Justin Reimer

    Just saved about $80 on a pair of Nike dunk ‘un hemp’ this way, bought DS without box and the other Ds pair was about $80 more. I would’ve spent more if I was going to get a used pair in my size as well. It works out if you are going to buy the shoe or item regardless, why not save some $ on it.

  28. Giovanny Lozada

    Flex those savings bro lol #Untiedohana

  29. Great vid

  30. The only thing is 10 and up arent money sizes.. so its more easy for you guys to save money on used sneakers..

  31. i love when these videos go up cuz at least 3-4 pairs of my used pairs sell on goat within 2 weeks after the video goes up

  32. Been trying to find a size 15 shattered backboard for over a year for under $500. It’s impossible husbands feet are to big everything is crazy priced in size 15.

  33. Nenko Marinov

    Good video and nice Shoes. I do the same chasing the shoes I want and buying them for the best possible prices on the market.

  34. Oh yeah awesome video thank you

  35. Filip Todorov

    The "not saving but spending argument" is literally non sense. I'm sorry for the crackheads who think so, but when you get a 1000$ thing for a 750$ u literally save the 250$ from being spend and they stay in YOUR god damn Wallet not in the seller's one.Thats the actual meaning of the word "save"

  36. Alex Van Slyke

    I thought I lost my box logo shirt like a month ago, but found it and I was very happy. The natty white colorway is dope. I wear it with my Comme Des Garcon Converse hightops and CNY Pharrell's

  37. Keep doing these types of savings vids

  38. Dillon Claussen

    Yo Untied Hawaii I saw some yeezy v2 Oreos on eBay. They are at 110 right now with 5 days left. I was wondering what price I should not bid at anymore. (It says brand new with box)

  39. Can u order more than one shoe on the goat?

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