Walmart Frozen Toddler Girl Sneakers and Garanimals Finger Puppets Review

Walmart Frozen Toddler Girl Sneakers and Garanimals Finger Puppets Review

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  2. gonzalo benavente delgado

    fome..muy fome

  3. Sabine Kollmann

    these shoes are made for walking 🙂

  4. what did she get? finger puppets? sooo sweet

  5. Der Lachflummi

    Catalina knows what she wants, that's for sure!

  6. wow, she picks her own shoes, so clever already haha

  7. I had one of those finger puppets when I was her age, still have them 🙂

  8. hey, I want to have one of those trampolines! I'm envious lol

  9. Kitty Hairguitar

    what did the dogs see when they were barking?

  10. Angelina Brian

    how did you shoot that video, what cam were you using? just curious…

  11. itsy bitsy spider on the trampoline! :o)

  12. OMG! the dog is huge, what breed is it?

  13. Nicole Robinson

    Catalina is sooo cute, I would totally spoil her! geez

  14. Sonya Lombardo

    great, the sneakers even have some blinking lights on them, awesome :O

  15. found your channel by accident while looking for kids toys. really cool thing you got going there, kudos!

  16. Irmtrud Adelheid

    catalina is one of a kind! could watch her all day long!

  17. Michael Barclay

    Please keep those videos coming, I find them extremely entertaining !! and catalina is cute as always of course! good job guys! 🙂

  18. This Little Critic

    Oh my goodness, what a sweetheart.

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  20. Tubey Toys Toy Review Channel

    This video just made me smile! Awesome new sneakers! 🙂 🙂 She is beautiful! I don't like spiders either!!! I liked your video and subscribed! 🙂 AWESOME DOGS!!!!!!!

  21. First … haha

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