Wardrobe Essentials: Top 10 Sneakers for Back to School

Wardrobe Essentials: Top 10 Sneakers for Back to School

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  1. Do a makeup grwm :,)))

  2. Has anyone ever said that u look like Emily fields from pretty little liars?

  3. What lip color are you wearing? I really love it!

  4. Dass My Cousin right dere!❤❤❤❤❤

  5. Your voice is so soothing❤❤

  6. Hey what happened to the rest of your Youtube videos?

  7. Youre so prettyy

  8. U can actually buy the pumas at the online puma store

  9. leyla ile mecnun

    You are so beauty

  10. Ella The Unicorn

    Please do a makeup tutorial

  11. Also black and white nike prestos are a must

  12. alishba nosheen

    She looks like a mix between Leilani and Sian lily mostly sian

  13. Where are your necklaces from?!

  14. You should make more vids

  15. You remind me of Mandy Moore!!!

  16. You and sian Lilly are literally identical

  17. Daniela Almaraz

    Get ready with me?

  18. she looks like olivia holt buh w black hair

  19. I clicked and as soon as I saw u I literally said woah she’s beautiful ❣️

  20. Post more videos like this one ❤️❤️❤️

  21. More videos please ❤️

  22. Oh my I really enjoyed this

  23. Lowkey asmr

  24. Jacqueline Gutierrez

    i have been trying to grow my channel and just posted a new video would love for you guys to watch 🙂

  25. what is your ethnicity omg. you. are. so. beautiful.

  26. Precious Arabella

    Wait her ex is Kobe Paras right? She looks like his ex

  27. Omg you really look like Olivia Holt

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