We Wear Spice Girl Shoes For A Day

We Wear Spice Girl Shoes For A Day

- in Women Sneakers


  1. Oh my god! I am obsessed with the Spice Girls! I grow up listening to the Spice Girls! Thanks so much for doing this video!

  2. Peep my mans in the back 1:44

  3. So let's start: Im Gay almost 16, i've met this cute boy,
    we talked for months, and then i asked him out, and he said no, but we have kissed before like for real,
    i asked him why not…
    he replied… You know, i'm bottom and you're 2 right?
    NOO IM NOT BOTTTOM like da heck, we never talked about this and he just said :
    Jeah you look to cute and tiny to be Top…
    da heck im still growing and im both :c
    I told him hugged him said that we can figure this out…
    Today we were datin' drinking coffee later we had fun at his home talked about stuff watching movies and cuddling a bit,
    and we drank much, it now 6 hours ago i came home, 6 am german time right now…
    Tomorrow we'll met again in a Gym and after that we wanted… wanted to have some fun at his place but with more action….
    Im happy this works out so good but im still worried if im not ready jet,
    But if i say no, maybe he'll search for someone better? more outgoing to such things?

  4. Sissy that walk


  6. I have shoes like that and when I wear them I wear them all day

  7. PierreJeurgen Mortel

    Try Lady Gaga Shoes, like the madame alexander shoes

  8. - orangeflavoredexhaustion -

    wear the rainbow ones to a pride parade

  9. I have a pair of those in the plain white from when I was in 10th grade and everyone that has seen them asks me about them and lowkey I hope they make a comeback so I can wear them

  10. Omg how?? Good work guys!! I love buzz feed/boldly so much!
    And I can't believe how the Spice Girls could dance in these!!

  11. The Hunter Girls

    IM LIVINGGGGG‼️‼️‼️‼️

  12. they'd probably be easier to wear if the platform part of it was lighter rather than being really heavy

  13. I wouldn’t say I’m extra but I’m about to cop myself those cloud shoes
    Update: nvm I just looked at the price

  14. Jimin's Jams Are Best With Suga Kookies and Tae

    To be honest I just thought of harajuku lmao I love platform sneakers and recently managed to get a pair of slight platform boots and I LOVE THEM

  15. I have always wanted one of those shoes since spice girls came out when I was little. I still want them

  16. … there are so many goths and alternative people that wear 4 inch platforms pretty much everyday lol like look up new rock and demonia boots…

  17. i love YRU. TUK footwear makes awesome platforms too

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