What A Girl’s Shoes Mean

What A Girl’s Shoes Mean

- in Women Sneakers


  1. phanic! an the disco !

    did anyone else notice the bring it on quote

  2. my shoes mean: sorry, I don't have perfect shoe sizes​. sometimes 37 sometimes even 40 WTF am i supposed to do?

  3. Tyller B. Woode

    What about high tops?! I only wear high tops!!!! What do my shoes mean?!!?!?!?!

  4. what a girls piercings mean

  5. Callie Wilker


  6. As I get older and my style evolves from Keens and men's tshirt to creepers/platforms, fishnets, and crop tops I come back to this video to see how much more of a cunt I've become

  7. Our Calderon Life

    Omg so true Jenna about the roller blades it's all over Miami Beach ????

  8. You should do what a girls shirt means

  9. Shayla & Toto

    And high top Converse mean, I have weak ankles and I also have a lot of spare time to tie my shoes, plus, look how cool I am I'm totally a tom boy

  10. Every woman should go barefoot. It's the most sexy shoe.

  11. Well, a closed toe pump could just mean:
    "I have a job, BITCH"

  12. The old Jenna days

  13. you forgot the ballerina heals

  14. apparently I need to get some shoes

  15. zozza.perkins Personal

    I'm Aussie and America effing stole uggs from us!!!!???????

  16. fip flops mean …………. i still wear these in the winter

  17. 3:39 that pair of high heals looks like they have sperm printed on them.

  18. bare feet in New Zealand means you are a kiwi

  19. HideAndGeekGames

    I basically only wear combat boots lol

  20. Freaking Unicorn Zebra-McGiraffe

    What about Adidas Superstars lmao

  21. Freaking Unicorn Zebra-McGiraffe

    Heeled flip-flops mean i'm a soccer mom with curlers in my hair and a robe is totally appropriate to wear in public and I'm sorry what did you say to my daughter oh my god you can't hang out with my son

  22. Rhiannon Morrison-Williams

    u forgot trainer heels

  23. aysha mccubbins

    I wear cowgirl boots but I am not old enough to dance on bars…. dam

  24. Yasmin Valencia

    You forgot for the uggs "I LIVE IN ALASKA AND I THINK MY FEET ARE NOW WARM"

  25. Katherine Nielsen

    the cheertator part killed me ?

  26. jenna marbles started the chocker trend with those pearls ??

  27. I wear tennis shoes cause I'm lazy

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