1. When you going for that distressed vibe but can't afford distressed clothes

  2. Best sneakers of all time has to be the g-unit reeboks

  3. Love this video. Surprised no one had the KD4 in the performance basketball section

  4. Dude just fuckin pass the phlegm you have in your throat

  5. Prestos were always my all time favorite silhouette . I have never owned an off white presto neauther an acronym Collab but I hope to in the future.

    I’m not saying this because I don’t have them, but I do prefer the GR and OG colorways over those .

    I have the greedy prestos, all the cooorways with the clear cage the comet red raced blue and all of them, the safari pack, the whole 9 and I think all of those are better than any presto besides the OG off white one that one is just unfair and crazy

  6. Richie really wanna say thats a heavy statement after the wooooooow but he lowkey scared getting roasted in the comment section

  7. Should make another channel for 20-30 minute videos where you go a little more in depth and we can actually hear you guys have a conversation about the shoes insta dog 10 second parts from only 3 at a time

  8. Video would've been so much better if you didn't cut it up so much

  9. Nelson been snubbed almost the whole video

  10. Please check my dm richie

  11. you really are sneakerheads

  12. Fung Bros need to put some lotion on dem vocal chords

  13. Johnny gets happy over every little thing, I like that

  14. Why Tan wearing a heavy jacket in the middle of September

  15. They forgot the nelly dude in the back lmao

  16. “Is it a coincidence?”

    Noooo Big Boy just went around looking for any girl named Katrina then dated her. For this moment.

  17. Guys I got $160 what should I do with it?

  18. Love the videos, but can we add a little diversity every now and again. Support the community, but also support other communities. Let's bring in some Latino guests, black guests, and of course, let's up the representation for the ladies every once in a while. Come on Rich, you know we'll support.

  19. Why nelly new look so tall here? I thought Richie was 5’7 too

  20. I got what I will wear and then I got my collection and most of my stuff is top notch. Started more than 10 years ago.

  21. Denim jacket on a basketball shorts? Hmm interesting

  22. 0:25 that’s a squad right there

  23. Aaron Corrales Osorno

    watch em harmonise at 5:11 im ded XD

  24. c'mon Richie, make the video 12 minutes long instead of cutting out everyone else's part

  25. Sound like someone been in the smoke shop lately

  26. Why is David and Andrews voices gone

  27. Blazers are the best off white shoe

  28. Do a review on the new adidas dragon ball z shoes that are coming out!

  29. we got all the peeps in here WOOOOHOOOO

  30. My boy Nelson didn't even have the time to talk about his favorite Yeezys. @3:05

  31. god loves you all

  32. Did he say prestos aren’t comfortable????

  33. What bout David’s favorite pair of J’s

  34. I feel you, Nelly… #hoopandlife

  35. Jordan 1

  36. Let's be real… Without the Roshe Runs, there would be no Yeezy 350s.

  37. Bruh I dont even got beaters

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