What You Need to Know Before Buying Elevator Shoes

What You Need to Know Before Buying Elevator Shoes

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  1. oh my god.. the time goes, and this guy do not come to the point.. not to mention a really bad hollow recording sound of this keep-talking-comes-no-were, just goes on and on and on.

  2. I'm 6'2" so with these I'd be 6'4" 6'5"

  3. I don't know why guys bother themselves that much. Wearing that kind of shoes mays be as dangerous as it is ridiculous, because with extra-hells you won't be able to do things like running or fighting. That's why, to me, the right solution is simply wearing a good pair of sneakers or rangers, with a 3-5 cm heel….that's enough

  4. Lvl100MagiKarp Splash

    Dont wear those, unless you get paid to wear those.

  5. hi I'm 5'4… bye.

  6. Sly uses these shoes a lot.

  7. As a 193cm (6'4") man, I know wearing elevator shoes is a great way to intimidate lawyers. When someone over two meters tall walks into the room, the attitude of people changes 🙂

  8. I'm short at just under 5'8 but I'll never wear elevator shoes, that just shows you're a sad insecure little man.
    Till now my height has never been a barrier to what I want to achieve, nor will I ever let it be.

  9. Do you have extra wide fitting elevator shoes and can I order from the U.K.?

  10. You tell shorter guys to wear high rise trousers then if they wear elevator shoes their legs will look like that of giraffes ! And torso of a chimp. Wearing these shoes would be really tricky you have to modify the entire closet for it. I'm sure as hell it would also be uncomfortable to walk in and it would at max give you 2 inches. You can get one inch from any regular shoe too. So you're really just doing all this hard work for one inch :/. And lastly . It's game over when you have to take off your shoes once you're home. 😐

  11. Jon Jones P4P King

    I'm about 5'9 and usually when I wear boots or Nike shoes I'm about 5'10-5'10.5 tbh.

  12. YOU CAN TELL.  I know a guy who wheres these.  He looks like he struggles to walk–pushed forward–and its obvious somethings up because his ankle is way off the ground.  Hes either deformed or the distance from the bottom of his foot to his ankle is about 5-6 inches.  From a distance you can really tell something is going on with the shoes.  And they make a clunk sound when he walks.    Cant believe people get so hung up on stupid shit.

  13. Dean Christensen

    the one thing you should never do in elevator shoes is press the down button, we'll never see you again, Brock.

  14. Quality post.

  15. So how does it work when you have to be barefooted around a new gf/bf? This reminds me of the Seinfeld episode when George painted his height increasing boots black so he could attend a wedding with his new gf.

  16. Cataldo Giordano

    I completely agree on the fact that the best elevator shoes in the world in terms of construction, comfort and design are definitely from Guido Maggi

  17. I am 6ft 1 bare foot, i just ordered these shoes online i cannot imagine how tall i will be with them on. I know its silly me buying them but i want to be the tallest person anywhere

  18. what is your height ?

  19. +The Modest Man Where do you live? I am guessing American, but I have never seen a cobbler/shoe repair shop. I live on the east coast and mostly north-east. Are you from 1930's depression era? You look too young for your age! lol.

  20. ¡¡No lo hagáis!!
    ¡Los tacones crean adicción!

  21. Any one in the high-5s and the 6s should stop commenting . Don't Come here trolling to make yourselves feel superior.

  22. anonymous anonymous

    Damn man.. I'm 5ft2 .. And my wife is 5ft6 … I need help.

  23. how much money you got from Dons by the way ???????????????????????????????????

  24. Why not? It always make your legs appear longer.

  25. Great video. I bought a pair of boots from them and I would like to purchase a few more pairs of shoes from them too, but my boots have a rubber sole. Can I resole them? I emailed them several times and asked them that question, but they never replied to my email! Also in terms of the midsole technology how do you compare them with Guidomaggi shoes? Do Guidomaggi shoes have a high drom from heel to toes or are they similar to dons?

  26. This man is NOT 5'6, miss me with that bs, he's probably 5'4 give or take

  27. This guy is most genuine.

  28. To summarize the whole video. Buy from Don's footwear.

  29. I'm short at 7'1, my two best friends Shaq and Yao Ming always make fun of me. I was looking into buying elevator shoes so I could finally be as tall as them.

  30. Daniel Enríquez

    that SSSSS sound tho.

  31. 1.I can tell they are elevator shoes as they are much bulkier than regular shoes. 2.What when you wear sneakers? People around you are gonna wonder why some days you are taller than others?

  32. You kinda look and sound like Matthew McConaughey : /

  33. get some airmax 90s haha

  34. Super Saiyan Batman

    how tall are you?

  35. I guess 90% of the guys watching this video are around 5'6"

  36. Can you make a video on how to accept your height and somehow move forward in life?
    Im almost 30 years old and my height 5'10 (178cm) is short for a guy here in Denmark…I have had depression for many years…most guys tower over me and many girls are my height or taller.

  37. Your video lacks a bit of energy, but overall very informative 😀

  38. Hi bro, I'm just wondering which is the most legitimate website to buy them from. I've seen a lot but some really look dodgy

  39. What brands are the best ? I've been reading about Dons midsole tech. I have big back problems , will the mid soles be better to nor add any tension to my back ? Any discount codes ?

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