Whats my rare shoe collection worth?

Whats my rare shoe collection worth?


  1. 100k-200k seems about right. i have no idea about the painting thing, but If you did it over 4 years, 100k seems possible. Still, it's not a good idea to blow 100k on sneakers. It's a great collection, but i personally wouldn't spend 100k on sneakers. To give you an idea, my streetwear collection is about 5-10k. I already think that is excessive. Reselling is also a bitch. Buying is also a stressful process as i have to filter out the fakes. Selling is even worse due to the saturation of most of the market. After i found out how saturated the market is, i try to limit what i buy to what i actually want.
    Your vids are good though.

  2. those Lebron shoe is properly one of the ugliest shoe i seen

  3. TEKASHI 6ix9ine

    The only thing that I remember is the laugh of ur sister

  4. Zebras never were 3k bro I’m sorry you paid market back then

  5. no hate but you wouldn't be able to sell the pharell human races for anywhere near $4,000

  6. I respect you for copping all your shit with your work !! Instead of views !

  7. Lol qias made u lol. Subscribed to try and win the giveaway but no luck. Make sure to thank daddy qias when you hit 20k subs Mpeen10. One less sub for u

  8. Hmm maybe… it has to be about like 100k or 200k?

  9. That sad in the intro is really not into with your energetic videos.

  10. Thats crazy i saw u did a wrx. I literally have a silver same body wrx sti that now needs the door painted lol

  11. Mad because someone out bid me on those socks

  12. Awesome vid bro…great collection

  13. Please show how you tie your off white ones

  14. wtf is ur sisters laugh LMAO

  15. 200k

  16. r u going to sneaker con Denver

  17. It’s nice to see that you actually grind for your shoes.

  18. Been here since 9k

  19. Your sister reminded me of Revenge of the Nerds. lol

  20. colin flinn vlogs


  21. colin flinn vlogs

    Keep up the good work

  22. Josethemiget12 3

    Bet u won’t pin this

  23. Your sister was choking and you kept talking about your shoes…

  24. Where do u get ur posters? I like that kaws x bape one

  25. great youtuber. KEEP GOING. your gonna be huge

  26. This guys girl is a famous YouTube she does “Squishy” reviews lol and sucks big black cocks

  27. Barris Vinogradov

    Will you be at sneaker con?

  28. TheHighLife Gaming

    With the 7 red October’s it’s already 50k so damn

  29. I need those off whites

  30. The chrome posits and supreme foamposite is your best shoes

  31. Joseph Sullivan

    mbeem10 dope set up, keep it up man. throw a fan some 10.5 off whites bro

  32. great video man!

  33. this is dope!  haters gonna hate  love the response from you!  lmao

  34. damn bro these videos just keep getting better!  keep grinding!

  35. you can tell where your passion is!  I  love the "youre right it gets you seven!"   great video

  36. 200k worth of shoe

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