1. Is it just me or does it seem like jiedel is nervous everytime he talks

  2. Steven Ferraro

    Jesser and Zach easily got the best

  3. Cheif ThunderHooves

    jidel got those tyler the creator one stars holy those are crazy but i like the genarium pink ones more

  4. I finally saw someone in 2hype that has the same shoe as me….
    Fun Fact:
    Im a Filipino kid( 11yrs. old ), that cannot afford my own shoes, i always ask my parents to buy shoes for me.. because of that I only have 4 rubber shoes and 1 black shoes…. (for filipinos, skl ko lang ko lang )

    The only Air Jordans 1( the blue one ) that jiedel has is the exact same shoe that i have…

  5. Lightskin Mark

    12:59 those are revenge x storm shoes

  6. Fred The Loot Lama

    2:22 in the Fortnite item shop

  7. 2:34 concert games

  8. I love any Kobe shoe if it got the Kobe logo and I got the money I’m copping my favorite Kobe’s though r either 8 or 9’s

  9. A gamers Life yt

    I have red jordan ones

  10. it goes lsk jesser zack mopi jidel

  11. How long you think it took cash to make that shot?

  12. am i the only one who thinks mopi and cash had multiple takes for that handshake?

  13. PrettyBoy Ricky

    @concert games

  14. Armando Toledo

    Jesser called his revenge storms vans

  15. Alan Ruvalcaba

    Bro can u like fix your camera lighting

  16. killer 080809 Flexer

    Why does the video keep getting dark?

  17. 2:24 probably like his 17th try

  18. Declan Johnson

    2:34 did you really say concert games? I always knew Cash was stupid on purpose, but when you say concert games… That is just hilarious

  19. Habibi lover 6969 kiss kiss 69

  20. Do this with bull you stand no chance lol

  21. Lets see your heat cash! And los

  22. What's that hoodie that zack is wearing

  23. “Concert games”

  24. Harden mvp’s are sitting at adidas outlets

  25. 2:20 I thought he said cocaine

  26. I need the lebron 16 Martin Lawrence

  27. DeAundre Washington

    2:20 how long did it take u to make that shot

  28. Anyone else peep the shirt Jiedel is wearing? That’s the shirt from d wades last home game. I’m deadass wearing that shirt rn while watching the video

  29. The kawhis have that because it’s part of a championship collection of shoes. There is around 16 shoes that Nike remade and improved to put out to celebrate 16 players finals performances. That’s why it has the trophy and the 16 marks


  31. Sarah Jasmine Therese Macatangay Santiaguel

    I hate the person videoing he isn’t fixing the lens


    jsr wins easily

  33. james gets the dub for the Golf le fleur

  34. Cash got the stiffest jumpshot

  35. jesser enjoyed some phat kush before this was filmed. or he j beat his meat for like 3 hours.

  36. Has anyone here tried hooping in yeezys I have and I can say they arnt the best shoe to hoop in but that’s kind of expected

  37. Anthony Rumore

    Concert games really cash ??!

  38. DaOfficial Lil MeXiCo

    Welcome to mopie's van collection

  39. Nah those timbs jesser got are heat

  40. Bruh pink and blue vans bruh

  41. We all know jesser got the best sneaker game in the house

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