Worlds biggest 10 year old sneaker collection

Worlds biggest 10 year old sneaker collection


  1. Chronic Joker

    The fake ass watch

  2. SarahDaGamer 73

    Most of those are not yours
    And that watch I think your
    Borrowing also dude
    Stop faking the prices
    Also this ain’t the
    some are fake but
    Dude trying not to be mean
    But c’mon man don’t fake
    Those prices are not real
    Once again not being mean

  3. I know

  4. and by the way when u see all of my comments u will cry to use family and report me

  5. the Gucci slide are fake u gay ass

  6. the outfit is worth 50 cents like urself

  7. curry are 60

  8. why is everything 120

  9. the air max is like 20 dollars u liar

  10. fake prices

  11. Christina Lancaster

    Wait Lil tays a boy?!

  12. Everybody stop hatin

  13. I thought this was gon be fake. Good shit fam keep playing the shoe game.

  14. Fake rolex bruh really

  15. your so trash its funny

  16. They don’t even look your size, probably ur dads shoes

  17. Intro is so flipping funny yo yo

  18. Zayiscringy !

    Ight I gotta say nice shoes but stop faking the prices

  19. 4 dallors

  20. Those most likely not yours

    Not a surprise at all

  21. Correct me off I’m wrong but there is no way those are real this has to be fake who buys shoes like those for a 10 year old when he is going to grow out of them and that gold watch has to be fake a real watch like that is like 20,000 dollars no doubt but I may be wrong

  22. Brady’s Fishing

    Lebrons are not 220

  23. Enrique Torres

    Fake watch

  24. killer best :l

    and every shoe has a signature

  25. killer best :l

    he was lying about price i bought the human racers and lebron 15s the lebrons were 180 human was 550 he is trying to act rich but he’s not

  26. Marco The beast

    Nice shoes and all but those prices are wrong

  27. By the way take your stupid sticker off your stupid hat

  28. You are correct you are confused Joe the fact that you spend this type of money instead of helping out your friends and saving it for college you're going to be a high school dropout with a nice sneaker collection enjoy

  29. Xavier Tiemann

    Lol them Calabasas are going for $100 on stockx smh

  30. Good for you I wish I had that collection

  31. Supreme Gucci Promotion

    Fake shoes

  32. im guessing 25-50$ on that outfit

  33. Richhhh booiii.. no hate though

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