1. Master of awesome

    But nice looking

  2. Qias look like he has nasil infection

  3. what happened to your nose

  4. those are some sexy shoes

  5. The gaming Geko

    His backpack is lit

  6. That white boy say the n word one more time I'm going to go to New York and slap his behind

  7. that kids white and he said nigga like??

  8. Shoutout to her flipping over the Lebron socks

  9. What your girl did was awful.

  10. When would you come to Denver Colorado???

  11. Wassup

  12. I've been to the same stance store before

  13. Uvuvwevwevwe onyetenvewve ugwemubwem ossas

    whats the password on dreamqrew?

  14. HEAVYWEIGHT Sunway

    fuck off dudes !!!!!! your videos fucking boring !!! what did u say worlds most expensive sneaker shop ??????????

  15. Grayson Berkshire

    Boiiii they had kanyes Louis Vuitton's

  16. He's so close to 500 k

  17. grow up and wear some asics

  18. ummmm he is not a nigga….and you r white….watch your mouth…and i am white married to a black woman

  19. im striving to follow whats going on…I m kinda feeling dude on his hunt

  20. 6:53 Abraham Lincoln all of a sudden. Heyyyyy

  21. Will the shoes be real if I get it straight from goat and not from a seller

  22. Casey neistat fake xD

  23. Fuck Steph Curry, Bunch of badwagon bitches

  24. that chick is fucking annoying

  25. in 1:58 that white boy just said NIGGA. He is not a nigga he need to DIEEEE

  26. Carlos Hernandez

    sprayground all of a sudden fam

  27. vape shop {bape]

  28. lmao the mom at 4:19… "joggers? where… wait wheres joggers??"

  29. Damn I remember going to that adidas store last year when I visited New York. At 4:06

  30. You sound so boring in your vlogs, makes me want to go to sleep because there's no excitement in your tone, spice it up a bit give us the viewers a reason to watch your vlogs man

  31. "shoutout to my mom"

  32. clueless

  33. who is she fam

  34. @ 2:23 das me in the background gangagnangnsaganaagnaagabnaganaganaganaagabn

  35. I was literally there yesterday

  36. victory slasher

    What's the song at the end

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