1. KyleKuzmaTheGOAT

    Cultural appropriation. Smh you hit a new low Qias

  2. Mitchell Poterack

    That kids must be really spoiled and have super rich parents

  3. Channel Nation

    that little kid must think he black

  4. Who else hates this kid so much he’s so spoiled he doesn’t deserve everything he has

  5. If I was him I wouldn’t start collecting from that age because my size will be getting bigger and it will be just a waste of mony

  6. 3.30 says two and shows 3 fingers xD

  7. Rune Skov Christensen

    Spoiled little kid

  8. The golden fly team bro

  9. 8:30 right not a hypeast

  10. It’s the boy version of little tay.

  11. He was a hype beast like a 3 weeks ago and know he isn't? Tf

  12. Does he have a job other than youtube

  13. Scripted this kid doesnt know shit

  14. Да какой он хайпбист, писю дрочить только научился

  15. when he says "I paid this much", stfu kid

  16. Come why he got that much money I’m 14 and 100$ a year

  17. This kid is so spoiled I swear

  18. size 6 lmao, legit buys everything for resell, stupid, at least thank your dad in the video

  19. Larry Daugherty

    Love what your doing hope to see more of these chronicles

  20. this dude reminded me of a shorty I use to hang with back in the day, got on my nerves, but shorty was a killer.

  21. "Y'all don't know this shoe " but he doesn't know what year that shoe came out

  22. Fuck hate this kid acts like he the shit and pay for this like stfu u broke u parents pay for ur shit md

  23. “I paid…” stfu YOU didn’t pay for any of this

  24. Edmonger Jones

    Why you don’t give kids crack

  25. Kentavius Matlock

    Being a hypebeast is not fashionable

  26. Spoiled af

  27. Alejandro Davila

    I never felt so obligated to punch a fucking kid

  28. i should rob this lil nigga

  29. Javier Hernandez

    One Word SPOILED

  30. Hyped Unboxing’s

    Moms credit card

  31. Captain Cocoa Puffs

    Is that Eleven from Stranger Things?

  32. Sonny Makepeace

    i thought you were done with using the term hypebeast for views kmt

  33. This nigga haven’t even reach his puberty and still have the guts to say we don’t know what’s that bapesta is

  34. You look like SypherPK

  35. Gabriel Garcia

    @cj so cool is the biggest YouTube hype beast

  36. Man these white kids with dreads

  37. Honest Sneaker reviews 1421

    I saw u at sneaker con today I didn’t wanna bother u brother stay safe

  38. Why not one talking about his hair? Bro looks like a fucking spider with aids fohhh

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